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    Default ENFJs getting "stupid"

    Has anyone experienced this?
    Thinking too much makes me feel like I'm losing mental focus. But if I'm stressed (especially from school or any academic or thought-oriented project) I will actually lose my power over speech or simple problem solving.

    I am very good with words. Typically, I am never really at a loss when it comes to saying what I want to say exactly how I want to say it (except when it comes to being judgmental towards those I care about - that I have to be careful with)... But I can speak well. I have an good, productive vocabulary and I'm not usually actively concentrating on what I'm saying.

    Then I get to this point where I'm slurring my speech occasionally or "tripping" over my words. Also, I never really have problem with mental math and reactive problem solving (statistics, scheduling, quantifying & such) but when I'm like this, I can be stuck on the simplest problem, completely drawing a blank in my head.

    I figure this can't be too uncommon. Could it be type related since Thinking isn't my strong suit? Also, I only really notice it when I am around other people (but maybe that's just because it wouldn't really be an issue if other people weren't involved).

    It seems to be stress-related & temporary, but I don't really know what causes it or how I've come out of it in the past.
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    I can somewhat relate to this. I wouldn't call it "getting stupid" per say. This only happens to me if I'm under a tremendous amount of stress or trying to talk about something very important to me. I have trouble saying what I'm thinking, or might be physically clumsy if I'm doing something at the time... all because I'm focusing so much on what I'm trying to say.

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    Don't really think this is an ENFJ thing, or type related thing at all. Once the mind gets tired, everyone can get affected. I've felt this way before, if you're tired you lose some ability to do things you can usually do just fine. However, the only way Type might work into this is maybe certain things can tire out a brain faster. Excessive socialization and interpersonal conflict can tire me out far faster than if I was simply analyzing or critiquing things or ideas.

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