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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitseleh View Post
    I have noticed this particular behavior within myself. I won't contact people for 3-6 months at a time but they are always on my mind. I just always have something going on that contacting them slips my mind. Is my Fe just very screwed up?
    i do that, my ESTP friend does it too (though i am not sure they are always on her mind though !) an ENFJ friend I used to have doesnt do that.

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    You may be experiencing Fe burn out. I have flares of socializing, hot and heavy, and then I have to recharge.
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    Can't say I do this...I am steady-eddie with my nearest and dearest. Every once in a blue moon I will need to "re-charge the batteries", but I inform everyone that I am taking a sebatical (usually just a few days) so they know that I haven't forgotten about them. Of course, I think I have way fewer friends than a typical ENFJ, so that probably helps...and even at that I still do get overwhelmed at times, hence the need to re-charge the old batteries
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