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    Yes, I've been told that on the internet I'm really "loud" and extroverted and irl I'm a quiet observer. I've also been described on the Internet as very emotional, but irl as quite reserved and rational.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kastor View Post
    Oh yeah, a lot of people online have questioned my claim of being an introvert. I think it's because I (for the most part) feel like I can speak my mind online and really let out my silliness. Not to mention I have a helluva lot more time to sit and think about what im going to say before I post it. I wouldn't say I'm completely different offline, just more shy and obviously introverted. When in real life conversation I don't get as much time to think about how I want to respond, so usually I'm going to say less than I would online.

    On the web it may seem to the reader that I'm just babbling fast, but in fact I rephrase things many times, I write a lot of stuff that I don't end up posting, and sometimes I take a while to really think about what I want to write. Online I can even make jokes. Irl I'm too slow for that ;_;

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    It's never been pointed out to me by anyone that I'm really different online vs. in person, but whereas online I can write really long posts and go in-depth into my thoughts or feelings -- because I have the time to sit there and properly compose my thoughts and dig them out of my brain - that just doesn't happen in real life. Also, in real life I really don't like talking about myself, which is pretty opposite how I can be online at times.

    In work situations or just everyday sort of conversations/topics that don't involve my personal views, I'm pretty clear and to-the-point, and have been told 'effective communication' is one of my strengths. But with deeper topics or really personal things, I'm very general and am pretty sure I come across as vague or ambiguous at times, and I know I can be bumbling or roundabout in giving an answer...I don't know that there's a lot of 'meat' sometimes in these situations, as I might have a hard time articulating - in real-time- what I'm thinking, or when put on the spot I simply can't retrieve everything that I would be able to do when writing.
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    Wink Hmm...

    People have told me I'm (at times) unrecognizable online...
    I'm so collected and level-headed IRL (at least on the outside) people seem to forget that I have my silly moments as well.

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    I have been told I am direct, demanding, reactive, pointed, blunt, and even combative in my written communication. Typically this is when I am very busy thinking or trying to accomplish an objective. I am digging holes in the problem and trying to resolve. NeTe structures my thoughts so that even opinions sound much more absolute than intended and requests sound like directives. NeFi just babbles like an idiot.

    In person, I can be very direct in certain circumstances, but once I let my guard down I flutter. I am excessively loud, spastic, and silly-sweet. My ENTP says everyone gets happy when they learn I am on their project. My voice modulates very well and I am very good at public speaking and have even done some voice over work. When I talk the Ne must spill out as other Nes just stop and stare at me.

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