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    Default NF's what jobs have you tried and liked-disliked?

    NF's What are your jobs that you have tried and liked?

    -for me
    working in a french restaurant as a hostess (liked the regal atmosphere, but mostly the people I worked with, the waitstaff were so smart and fun, a few had masters degrees)

    promotions-brand ambassador, or spokes model- talking and giving information to people.

    dancer- on stage.

    speech coach

    nursing assistant-in one facility where management was very liberal, supportive and "person centered," helping with people's needs.

    one on one tutor for disabled persons, teaching them Reading, writing and English, reading coach, writing coach. Elementary Fiction.

    Jobs I have disliked...
    Collections agency, call center (accounts receivables)
    Office assistant
    Nursing assistant in hospital (med surg)
    (nursing assistant in psych ward, was more tolerable, but still stressful)
    work site instructor for disabled persons
    home health aide
    real estate assistant
    retail sales and merchandising

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    As a teenager I worked with my hands a lot. Mowing lawns, shoveling snow, cleaning contracts. Good work with great pay (for a teenager!) but very repetitive. It was long and agonizing mentally. But it cultivates discipline and work ethic.

    Worked at McDonalds for a year in college. Even after a few pay raises it was my lowest paying job, but because of the raises I was getting paid well for retail- several dollars more than minimum wage. It was interesting working in drive through though because they keep time stats for service and it was a great challenge keeping the time down and working super fast.

    After college up to now I've had a law-clerk type position. Not exactly that but it's hard to describe. It is very high stress with a 5pm document filing deadline every day (Try getting a document in at three pm and getting it prepped, then at 4:50 you literally sprint to the courthouse, and oh yeah if you don't your employer gets sued and you lose your job... yeah). But it changes all the time and I handle different tasks from research to filing documents in court. And I get paid a lot. That helps. Plus I work with an INFJ so we have many long conversations about stuff that only interests NF's, and he has a listening ear for his "conspiracy" (or are they) theories.
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    I'm in sales, and finding it a lousy fit. Cold calling people and faxing out fliers only to get a 2% or so response rate is demoralizing. That and I'm selling industrial equipment, which doesn't exactly stimulate the imagination.

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    retail also. Only job I've ever held yet. Incredibly boring obviously, time occupier/income source strictly. However, I've had some decent memories there sure enough. Although, if I wasn't in school right now I'd probably want to off myself.

    I'd like to work with pew pew lasers

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    i worked at a multimedia place, sold video games, books and music and rented out movies.
    i loved the discount on books and discount on coffee drinks. in the back room, i sorta hated it, being alone. cashier, i met different people but working on the floor, i found it better answering questions of helping people find the things they need. before moving from one job to another, i look for other positions that i would most enjoy or rotate when it gets repetitive. ultimately i left due to lack of hours, longevity was much more.

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    Retail - boring. Customers are irritating. They had the audacity to push me to sell when I got 0 commission.

    Tutoring - not bad. I've tutored K-2 grade, middle school and HS students in math and reading/English. It's pretty satisfying and most kids are manageable one on one. I'm private tutoring again on the side, and if I could build up enough clients I could make decent money.

    Daycare volunteer - I did this as work study in college. Similar to tutoring in concept, except I was helping a group of kids with homework. It was AWFUL. Daycare kids are bratty and/or needy, have tons of energy after school, and the last thing they want to do is homework. Kids in groups are less manageable also.

    Graphic Design - it would be great if not for the crappy pay you have to hunt people down to get, business partners who steal money, and clients who drive you insane. The business part of it sucks, and it can suck all the joy out of the creative process also, especially when your design is slaughtered or you have to create something downright ugly. It's also hard to get work - too many designers out there, especially too many crappy ones who lowball.
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    Let's see:

    Modeling and jr. "buyer" for a retail store as a teenager: I liked it, but found it pretty superficial. Met lots of fun people though, and getting involved in side volunteer efforts made me feel like I was doing something worthwhile.

    Temp assembly line worker for a manufacturing company: I loved this job. I got to use power tools, and build kitchen appliances. My best friend and ex decided to work this place together, and we had a blast with all of the regulars. It was heaven!

    Temp assembly line work part 2: Loved it again. Got to build lawn mowers and use even bigger power tools!! I was promoted to oversight because they liked me so much and I understood how things worked, but I was slow with the equipment.

    I worked the concession stand at a minor league baseball stadium. That was cool, not really my thing though.

    I was a hostess at a restaurant for a few years. One of the most fun jobs I've ever had, but it was more because of the people I worked with than anything else.

    I got a job as a sale's manager for a travel agency my sophomore year in college, which began my, I'm sure, life long love affair with sales and marketing. I've worked as a sale's closer in different industries, a travel agent, and an agent owner. I've always had a thing for working straight commission. I got so much excitement from the idea that I might not get paid at all if I didn't produce, but that the sky was the limit if I did. Huge motivator!

    I worked for a human resources firm as benefit's manager. I really enjoyed my clients and my co-workers. Working in a service oriented field was refreshing, and it spoke to my core. I quickly got promoted, but then ended up fully bed rested during my pregnancy. I ultimately decided to stay home and raise my son.

    Political freelance writer: Again, loved it. Worked on tough deadlines, but I like being under pressure. I made my own schedule, which worked well for me.

    Full-time stay at home mom. You don't get paid in money, but it's fantastic all the same.

    I've worked for myself for years now, and I like having the flexibility and control to wake up when I want and self-manage.

    I can't say I've ever had a job I didn't like at all. I've always found people who work with me, or who I work for(customers), who've made it all worthwhile. Working is fun to me.
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    Jobs I've Disliked:
    -Legal Assistant (although I did enjoy spending time with my coworkers) at a private law firm (the good guys who fight the chemical corporations)
    -retail (yuck)
    - flower shop- did everything there, hated it (I cut flowers, they cut me- yeah)

    Jobs I've liked:
    -waitressing (meet a lot of people that way, get lots of tips for socializing)
    -dance teacher***My all time favorite- would do this forever, hope one day to do it regularly and teach mainly kids in lower class neighborhoods (No, I did not get my inspiration from that movie with Antonio Banderas.)
    -bartending (see waitressing)
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    I think I've liked all of my jobs for the most part.

    My first job was corn de-tasseling when I was thriteen, in Michigan where I'm from they used children for their farm labor. I did that every summer until I was seventeen. I actually sort of liked it, the pay was pretty good for a month of work.

    I worked at a deli, which was so so.

    I was a waitress at a Chinese restaurant for a few years, and this job I really enjoyed. It was a small family restaurant and I liked the owners a lot.

    When I turned eighteen I worked in a halfway house for schizophrenic individuals. I really liked that job. It was incredibly interesting and I got to help people.

    I managed a small cafe in a bookstore. I loved that job as well.

    I was a waitress again at a small fishing pier that served the best grouper sandwich ever. I loved that job because I dealt with happy people on vacation. <-- Say what you will about tourists, but at least they were happy to be on the island I worked on and they tipped well.

    Up until recently I worked doing payroll in a construction company... This job was my least favorite. It wasn't bad but it was slightly boring.

    For the first time since I was thirteen I have no job, but I'm back in school full time so I think it's prefect .
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    Let's see...

    Convenience store clerk: Hated the routine and having to do menial work, liked (I'm sure more in retrospect) encountering all different types of people.
    Lab assistant in a microbiology lab: Way more interesting in theory than in practice. Had to deal with noxious materials and occasionally questionable working conditions.
    Library assistant: The routine was frustrating and I think I'd pull my hair out after too long, but it was a nice break from classes and I loved my coworkers. Librarians are awesome.
    Psychiatric care worker: Good, if often extremely unsettling, experience. High burnout rate, especially, I'd imagine, for idealists.
    Adolescent counselor: This is my current job, and I love it, but I definitely wish that I were more extraverted at times. It's very rewarding, but the constant interaction can be draining.

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