Let's see...

Desktop Publishing - liked the creative side of it but got good at it pretty quickly and then got bored. Also, liked that I could focus on what I was doing and generally be left alone.
Waitress - wouldn't want to do it for a long time, but for a summer job during school, it was ok.
Sales at Victoria's Secret - really don't like sales in general, but I liked the laid back attitude at VS and the classical music.
Veterinary Assistant - love animals but didn't like the putting them to sleep part.
Medical Transcription - was good at it and the earphones were the perfect thing to stop people from talking to me when I didn't want them to.
Newspaper obituary writer - was very formulaic, so no real creativity, but liked being in the newsroom and basically worked alone but could talk to people when I wanted to.

My current career as a gynecologist - for too many reasons to mention, but the top ones - too much stress (not from the care of patients per se but from fighting with insurance companies and patients to pay and worrying about lawsuits), lack of creativity, having to function within strict rules and regulations set by others, call. But even worse was when I did...
OB - Oh my God I hated it. Stress, stress, stress and monotony! And, absolutely NO creativity. You have to follow guidelines to obviously avoid hurting anyone, but sometimes the guidelines aren't necessarily the best thing for the individual patient but you still have to follow them to avoid lawsuits. Glad that's over with!!!
Retail at The Limited - they wanted me to be all perky and stuff, ughh!
Telemarketing - do I need to explain?
Tutor - don't seem to have enough patience when people don't get things quickly that I find obvious.