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    My parents were always good to me, but things weren't always easy. I lived with ym dad and we had a lot of money troubles, sometimes to the point where we might be kicke dout of our apartment. my dad was very easily stressed and swore and drank. But he's a great dad nonetheless, and I love him so much.
    School was my hardest place. I had one friend until I was in high school, and was constantly bullied. I think it was my high school experience that reset my look ont he world. Everyone in my life has been relatively kind since I entered high school.
    I don't know, maybe it was my most deep down belief that if someone was hurt then someone would always be there, especially if there were people right there when the person was hurt. Sorry about the ramblings. It's been a rough week. I ended up slipping on some oil while waking and landing right back on my elbow. ):

    @ Marmalade & Robot -> Please don't fight. At least not in my thread. I really don't like when people fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledarling View Post
    My intention was not to generalize and I apologize if you were offended.I did however, mention both genetics and childhood. Yes, all of the ENFP's I know personally were raised in loving homes, but I don't doubt for a second that there are many who were not. What then is the cause for the rose-colored view of the world characteristic of many ENFP's? In the case of an adult ENFP who was either abused, neglected, or just not loved properly as a child I would lean towards the position that, amazingly, nature won out over nurture. I don't think that ENFP's are all naive, but a fair amount of them are. And those who are not, surprisingly, are able to continue in the world as if they were. Which is one of the many things I see as most endearing about this personality.
    This is a good point. Obviously not everyone had the best homelife and there is obviously no need to go in to detail about mine.

    However through it all, I know ENFPs who still love the world. So maybe nature did win out?

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