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    Default ENFP Masters in Counseling?

    Career indicion once again. As an ENFP, this is my life. Hovever I am thinking about getting my masters in counseling. Ive love myers briggs, and personality tests, and people, here are my top choices.
    -outplacement counselor
    -career counselor
    -college guidance counselor
    I am not that good of a long range planner, but I think it would be fun to go over things with people and ideas and help them. I do like teaching one on one, or coaching one on one. And writing up reports, analysing why the person is the way they are and then telling them that.

    I am torn, If I should get a LPC, or MFT, because I dont want to be a social worker.

    Anyone have ideas on what type of counseling would be good for ENFP's and if its something that anyone has done before?

    I have my bachelors in psych, but all I can do is babysit people. Also its not very autonomous, I don't work for myself, which I don't like. I want to work for myself someday.

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    Yeh, I think we make good mentors in most fields. I've never done it as a job, just seems to be a thing I fall into doing around work when someone seems to be battling.

    I think all three sound okay. If I was choosing one I'd probably look at what people I'd deal with in each and the sort of problems likely to come up.
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