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A worthy goal, potentially really important for total communication. But...

I have Fi as relief. I think this contributes to , if not a distrust, then a blanket lack of practical ability to use and be comfortable with Fe. To engage in Fe, to feel it, I have to go against my normal actual sense of checking and re-energising and re-developing. In a word, I cannot relieve myself while Fe-ing. (Same probably for ENTPs stuck with Fi, or ENFPs working with Ti, and so on.) It might be easier to develop an opposite attitude for higher level functions. Like, I could probably cope with Ti easier than Fe.

Shenanigans! Social rituals! I *feel* a blockage coming on.
My best friend ENTP agreed with what you said above. She has to logically, utterly release Ti to find Fi-which is like leaping off of a cliff for her. Terrifying.

For me this "transcendent function" order would be Ne/Ni, Fi/Fe, Te/Ti, Se/Si so for you guys the swapped middle Ti/Te, Fi/Fe. I just dont ever sense Ti or feel bothered by it. Maybe if Fi was better developed I would be offended morally by the harshness Ti can be, but my Fi is kinda floppy and f'ed up so I revert to Te. Thus Fe has always been the one that bugged me the most.

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In a word, I cannot relieve myself while Fe-ing.
I havent noticed this particular issue yet, but I'll keep watching. New observations everyday

I kinda hoped the Fes would give me more yes/no however something occurred to me...

My handwriting goes from an NeFi scrawl to an very precise Fe print...However if you started with the Fe print as your norm, would it even be noted? Maybe some of this my first list is so normal for an Fe user...it might not be obvious? I dunno... meh...