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    Just don't go around making anyone feel good, be selective about it... ugh

    That's slutatious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waffle View Post
    It's probably been discussed before, but it seems like there is quite a lot of bias against the ENFP. The few complaints I've heard are that we're too childish and more melodramatic than any other NF (Which I have to disagree with. I knew an INFP who outdid me by miles). Do you believe any personality type is better than another?

    EDIT: Alright, so I guess I didn't make this clear (I do tend to not make sense a lot of the time ) but I was wondering if you've had any negative experiences with the ENFP and what made you mad at them. Personal growth pages can only tell you so much. I'd love to hear your real life experience stories.

    Being an ENFP, I have had my share. I find my fellow ENFPs to often be overexcited about everything and anything, and tend to run my energy levels in to the ground.
    No personality type is better than any other until we define some sort of context. Some types tend to be better than other types at certain things, but no type is fundamentally superior.

    I think you'll find ENFPs are pretty well appreciated and enjoyed on the forum. I don't think they get nearly as much flack as INFPs, for instance.

    Of course, "omg why does everyone single MY type out???" is a common response to any sort of negative criticism from others. Most ENFPs that I know seem to be pretty well liked and have a good number of friends.

    As for this forum's culture, the types that get hated on the most are probably SJs (sometimes S types in general) and Fi doms. The ENFP is neither.
    If you could be anything you want, I bet you'd be disappointed--am I right?

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    In My opinion what can be wrong with ENFPs is this..

    Speculation without information..
    I have found in my encounters IRL and on the internet that they can be very quick to make assumptions based on surface appearances before they know any history or other relevant facts to the situation they are speculating about..

    like I said in another thread .. or even maybe this one?

    My ENFP friend will assume my reaction and then react to that assumed reaction before I have even reacted..

    This can be extremely annoying, and can make ENFPs come across as KNOW it alls.. Which is too bad considering they are generally some of the nicest people around..

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    Spot on. Every single ENFP we have met. Not a SINGLE exception. If morality is any measurement of human worth ENFPs would have negative human worth.

    (there seems to a tight correlation between ENFP and Enneagram 2)

    Quote Originally Posted by copperfish17 View Post
    Yeah, I find the sugar-coating ENFP's extremely annoying too. I'm cool with the notion that they care about my feelings, but if that "care" boils down to lying for "my" sake... uh, no. Just NO.

    ENFP's are THE quickest type to take offense... They take just about EVERYTHING personally... even when someone tells them something wasn't supposed to be personal. They find emotional subtexts in ANYTHING, even when none were intended.

    ENFP's are VERY manipulative. I know an ENFP's who manipulated a heck of a lot of people into hating specific "persons."

    Did I mention ENFP's can be really "good" backstabbers? They may act like they're your best friend, when they're really spreading horrible rumors about you behind the scenes, trying to make as many people hate you as possible.

    And then, when you confront them, they tell you that THEY were the ones trying to "help you out" by talking to people who hates you. They act like THEY are the saints, offering you a hand before everybody else and all that. The truth is, they've gotten over their tantrum (they bounce back quickly, remember :steam and don't know how to deal with the mess they've generated in the process. That's when the guilt starts kicking in for them.

    This equation rings particularly true for an ENFP I know IRL. Totally what she'd say:
    "Everyone hates you." = "I hate you and I've manipulated everyone else into hating you too."

    I also hate how ENFP's want to be liked by everyone. Seriously - it just isn't going to happen. Suck it up and move on. Don't throw a tantrum over it. Don't spread horrible, fake rumors to the WHOLE $#&%ing SCHOOL about your "hater" (two $@^#ing ENFP's did this to me, just because they thought I hated them. ). Don't go whining to your best friend, I can so see that happening.


    No offense healthy ENFP's out there. But the ENFP's I've known thus far in life have been... terrible...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkadelic View Post
    Furthermore: People seem to think that ENFPs are stereotypically bubble, extremely exuberant, and radiant of their emotions and giddiness.

    Ok, that's like saying that every INTP is a mad scientist who sits in a lab.

    In my experience, ENTPs aren't the clever inventor-kids like Lewis Robinson, and ENFPs aren't frickin' human-cat hybrids. ENFPs fit the mad scientist archetype more. My SAT class teacher is ENFP, Pennsylvania Dutch, bikes to class, never gets enough sleep, long grey hair, crazy old lady. Most interesting person I've met in a long time. We connect so well, it's horrifying.

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    Stereotypes suck, coming from an INTP who hates math and most forms of modern technology. I may be a bit absentminded but I am almost certain I have never held a professorial position.

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