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    Quote Originally Posted by LotsOfHeart View Post
    When I was in junior high, I grew up being one of the couple of my background in school (being of Iraqi descent). There was nothing really wrong with me, although I was a bit on the shy side, but I different from the other kids, and I grew up somewhere where being different wasn't necessarily embraced. Kids would pick on me and start fights with me. Luckily for me, my dad had given me boxing lessons when I was very little, and so I could actually fight pretty well, and word got around about it. After a while no one laid a hand on me...

    Anyway, my point is as much as stuff like this can hurt, you just have to realize things happen and people are often jerks. Keep your shield up, although look out for the wonderful people in your life (there probably won't be many though). Just remember this...

    "There's no sense in gettin' riled up every time a bunch of idiots give you a hard time. In the end, the universe tends to unfold as it should...

    Plus I have a really large penis, that keeps me happy."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spry View Post
    I have always felt stupid because things have happened to me that were traumatic in my eyes but had they happened to someone else, they may be somewhat affected but would soon move on and forget.

    Am I stupid for being traumatized for being yelled at when I was young for example? Is feeling trauma from such a thing justified?

    Other INFJs, what is the most traumatic thing you have experienced or at least say whether you think it would affect a non-INFJ as much as it affected you.

    Iím almost embarrassed by my sensitivity. I feel that if I share my traumatic experiences with someone else theyíll say that Iím soft and wonít understand and fathom how such a seemingly small incident could affect someone so much.

    Our sensitivity really is blessing and a curse but in my life I feel it has being, more so, a curse.

    I'm very phobic and have many complexes because I have painful memories associated with certain things.

    Experiences? Thoughts? Am I alone in this?

    Thin-skinned INFJ
    No you are not alone at all.
    I think life as an INFJ is very hard in many ways.
    Every single post here from an INFJ rang so true for me.

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    This might be because Si (the past?) is demonic for INFJs so added w/ some trauma, the INFJ will become hypersensitive to trauma and internalize it much more than some other types. Even w/ being an ENFJ, I HATE looking back on things... absolutely hate.

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    I'm actually just learning what introverted sensing really means. Apparently, it has to do with storing data from past experiences away and using it to evaluate the present? I actually don't have issues with the past, for some reason... I live in it every now and then. In general, I'm not good at seeing little details in something unless I'm really interested in it. Some people can notice the little details in just about anything. That's not my strong point so I usually leave that to other people...

    But I'm really good at remembering what happened in the past if it means something to me. I'm good at predicting the future. I have trouble reacting to the present, because a wrong impulse can be something you regret pretty easily. So usually, in the present, I prefer to lay back and take things slowly so I don't do something dumb (I do anyway, of course, but not as much as if I acted faster).
    A hero is someone who does the right thing without expectation of reward, just because it's the right thing to do.

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