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    I am attracted to Special people, and Special people are attracted to me.

    It should be known that Special does not necessarily mean "Good", but oftentimes it does...

    Awesome attracts awesome.

    And backasswards crazy, attracts backasswards crazy, just sayin'...

    'Cause you can't handle me...

    "A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it. The truth is the truth even if nobody believes it." - David Stevens

    "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."

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    Ride si sapis

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    I attract:

    1. Married men
    2. Men with significant others
    3. Men who should not consider themselves available


    Oh, plus there was this one girl who told me about how she just got out of a psych ward when she first met me then proceeded to stalk me for a few weeks cause I was supposed to be her soulmate or something. Think she was an INFP.

    Quote Originally Posted by perfectgirl View Post
    Um, I seem to attract just about everyone...? All ages, races, colors, creeds. It's a gift. Actually, it's kind of annoying.
    You can make that xNFP an ENFP now, kaythnx

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    People that keep their feelings to themselves, apparently :p
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    i think for me, its more situational than type based.

    for instance, like they're bday is 1-2 months away, or they are reaching marrying age, it is close to a holiday (The major ones I consider are Valentines, Christmas/New Years, summer break), or they are reaching a turning point in their lives, i.e. school is ending and they are going to start work, etc... more than type based, the ones that come on subtley strong when i meet them first have always seem to have one of the above in common. the days approaching holidays, can get pretty crazy.

    i totally notice girls acting completely different depending on the above scenarios. Its kinda crazy how different it can be.

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    Consistently, and only counting people who have had strong, lasting attractions to me that I'm aware of, and in order of frequency of occurrence:

    1. Second borns with at least one younger sister.
    2. First borns with one biological younger brother.
    3. Born in March, April, May, or October; occasionally November or September. Once July. Never December, June, August, or February.
    4. XSTPs, xSFPs, xNTPs, and my ISTJ, the only J that I'm aware.
    5. Computer techies(engineers, analyst, etc..), athletes, sales force managers, biochemical engineers(or students of the field), most of whom wished to start their own business or already owned one. In high school, it was the athletes and the most vocal in Student Gov. or S&D. There were a couple of guys off the beaten path and headed to jail, and also really countrified guys, some who regularly fished for their own food in local lakes.
    6. People 13 months older, 11 months older, and 5 years older. All three have occurred multiple times over the course of my life in strong, notable attractions. Otherwise, no real age patterns that I can recall.

    Thinking about all this made me laugh. Funny.
    There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.

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    In the past, it's been girls who've had father issues. Though I've almost made it a rule now to date no one in that category. Relationships are based on physical and mental attraction, compatibility. You date someone because you see them and want to spend more time with them, and you secretly or not so secretly want to jump them and make passionate love. Not because you need some poor person to fill some role you were deprived of, or because your religious faith makes it seem a good idea, or because you've known them for ages and can't see any better options. Yawn... I must be doing something wrong to attract these types.

    I think my general statement to all these people (though they'll never read it) would be: if I leave you cold and you don't get it, leave me for the ones who do see something and really like me. And I'll apply the same when choosing others. If I'm not truly into them, I shouldn't insult them and waste their time by dating them. Like if you need to keep convincing yourself of it, and you occasionally see something good among the parts you want to change, I'm probably not the right choice.

    I'm not sure what kind have lasting attraction. Maybe friendly laid back extroverts. I'm really attracted to certain combinations of dark hair and brown or green eyes. So I might send more of the right signals to these people, and give them more chance to be attracted. I like more intelligent people too. Like I'd love to date someone who could challenge me at everything and discuss anything.
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    Ha. No one.

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    Texans, Muslims and guys who have escaped a war zone. I am being serious. Also INTP type nerds. It happened to me only once in my whole life that someone was seriously attracted to me for whom I felt the same.

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    First of: Men. Never been hit on by a lesbian for real before

    Thinking back, it's often firstborns that I end up with. So I guess I attract them.

    I tend to like the alpha's and it seems reciprocated in a lot of cases.

    Doers..people who seem to get annoyed at people wasting time, somehow find it fascinating wasting their time on someone who..well, is like that

    Introverts. I never know they're introverts till they tell me that they usually don't talk to a lot of people.

    Geeks. I looovvee geeks and they love me for some reason. They're appreciateive of their girlfriends, often intelligent and arrogant and can often banter and keep up with me conversation-wise. Excellent pool to go hunting in! 3 out of 4 bfs were geeks for me.

    Foreigners. Could be just a cultural thing, maybe the long blonde hair thing, but Marrocans and Turks, as well as Slavic people seem to find it necessary to stop me in the street or at the very least stare at me. Again, this might be coz it's how they do things in their culture, I dunno. Personally, I like my opposite as well (dark hair, dark eyes), so maybe it's the same for them, who knows.

    Men who find it a relief to *not* constantly have to be tough and strong as the world demands it from them. They tend to enjoy my company, as I enjoy seeing their mushy side and won't judge them over it

    Oh and men that have this desperate need to 'tame' a woman. Like, show her her role in life. Straighten you out. Coz they feel that you are a diamond in the rough that just needs polishing and they enjoy doing the polishing :rolli:

    That's about it, I think

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