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    Many types are attracted to me at FIRST,but when they see my crazy,they might freak out a bit and back-off.:P I don't mind tho,because I'm usually never really into those men who are insecure and too sweet,mama's boys,anyway.

    Most common trait among the men of my life is that they've all been some sort of artists...graphic designers,painters,illustrators,musicians.Almost all of them into music and arts.I attract nerds,players,athletics,weirdos,lesbians.I guess they're never really basic,"normal" people.(Maybe INTP's,INFP'S,INFJ'S,ENTP'S,ENFP'S..mainly)

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    This is a funny subject for me. I've noticed over the years that I mostly tend to attract two types of men.

    The first ones are these sort of younger (not necessarily but mostly), dreamy, timid and shy, I could even call them weak (both physically and psychologically) kind of men. These are the ones that look for a specific strong mommy-type woman to lean on.

    The other is, well, why beat around the bush, the dirty old man type. Men in their late 50s, early 60s who are looking for I don't even want to know what.

    The kind of men that I guess sort of need "fixing". I'm not even going to try to type them.

    Do I really have to point out that I am not attracted to neither of these?

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    I've only noticed these two more often in the past:

    The ESTPs.

    The shy, who probably confuse me for ENFJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fidelia View Post
    I attract almost exclusively first borns/only children. Often ENTJ/ESTJ ish types, with a few INFPs thrown in for good measure (although they rarely express their feelings). They are often fairly accomplished in terms of skills and most have a drive towards education, or else go the opposite route and are successful at what they do, but without certification and are entrepreneurs. Also a smattering of odd, lonely, socially uncomfortable men who just need attention and because I treat them neutrally, they take it as encouragement. Often the people who are attracted to me aren't particularly close with their own family (although I am very much so with mine) and I think appreciate me drawing them out when they are not in the habit of disclosing much emotional stuff. This is a problem though because they are not often in the habit of being vulnerable and that usually means there are insecurities there that create other problems. A lot of the time those insecurities manifest themselves in an apprearance of confidence, which often isn't true confidence.
    Those in bold are all true of my current partner.

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    sf or nf men and women, one Intj guy

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