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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    Ohh now I see where all this is coming from.

    Your sweeping generalizations sort of suck! Some aren't half bad for me but some, wow. You appear to be talking about specific people's behaviors and labeling it as an "NF" way to behave.

    Not much better than the NT "SPs are stoopid" threads, really.
    Do you feel the same way about all the threads started by NF types that make generalizations? Or is it just because I'm an "outsider"?

    This whole typology stuff is generalizations. Every person is a unique individual and all that stuff, do I need to put that disclaimer before I talk about patterns I've noticed from lots of people?

    Honestly, you NerFs are way too sensitive sometimes.
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    It works for me. I'm quite annoyed that my type is set and I can't find a new one. It's far too static and confining. On the other hand I feel an allegiance to my type, so would not want to be permanently anything else. Except I'd like to be ENTP sometimes, so people would take me less seriously and not equate use of personal points in arguments to being emotional about things.
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