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View Poll Results: do you feel you have fulfilled your parents' expectations/wishes?

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  • yes, almost 100% !

    3 7.69%
  • pretty good,..about 70%-80% of 'em!

    11 28.21%
  • not really,..only about 30%-40% only!

    13 33.33%
  • still not, or perhaps never will! it's just damn hard!..

    12 30.77%
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    Luckily they never put me in a box like that. Nothing was "expected" of me so I'm doing ok!

    (One of them was an ISTJ - maybe I just ignored them now that I think about it.....)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix_400 View Post
    I've had knock-down, drag-outs with parents over everything I ever wanted to do. Of course, I was sort of an oddball compared to the rest of the family. Different views, Introverted, Tech-geek in a farming family. My parents way of trying to get you to go along was to beat your self-confidence down until the only way you thought you could succeed was by doing things their way. I was resilient though and went my own way.

    My parents were always proud of me AFTER I accomplished something, but until then it was "you'll never make it/that's just crazy/etc." There's only ONE thing in my life that I've done that my parents have been proud of me for from the get-go. Unfortunately, my dad passed before he could see it come to fruition.
    Phoenix, if I may know, what is that "one" thing that your parents have been proud of you?
    so, does things change, after you dad has passed? (btw, i'm sorry to hear that)

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