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View Poll Results: IRL, what's your level of expressiveness of your problems/feelings?

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  • I openly express to nobody, or only if prodded by certain people.

    32 31.37%
  • I openly express to a select few close friends &/or family members.

    56 54.90%
  • I openly express to most of my friends &/or family.

    4 3.92%
  • I openly express to anyone who might offer me some consolation.

    5 4.90%
  • I am not INFP, but I want to vote.

    5 4.90%
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    I'm not sure if any of the options fit me well, but the first one comes the closest. I'm never 100% open, but I will reveal certain aspects of myself to some people. My family sees one side, my friends another, and people who are getting to know me see another. For example, I don't talk about my hopes and dreams with my family, but I'll talk to them about health, finances, politics, frustrations at work, and relationships. I won't talk to people I don't know well about my relationships or philosphies, but I can reveal things about my character that my friends and family don't know. A lot of it depends on my mood as well. Sometimes, you just need to talk.

    The things that matter the most to me are the things I won't talk about to anyone. I've never known anyone I could talk to about anything and everything. It makes me feel vulnerable, and I'm afraid of being vulnerable.

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    I don`t really open up to anyone.
    When I did,they couldn`t understand me.So why should I do the same "mistake" again?
    "It might seem like you've got me where you want me and my game is up, but luck is a funny thing. I hope you know how to laugh, because things are about to get really funny."

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    By the time I usually get round to talking to someone about problems, I've either resolved them, and I'm speaking after I'm 'out of the other side,' (usually if my friend is telling me about her having similar problems) or I've got so tormented by it, having tried to sort it myself for a year or so, that I need to talk to a family member...most things time, maturity and new information can heal I find...I vent about trivial things on here, but nothing that actually is a huge issue in my life

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    i only open up to people that i know actually care about my problems. so far, there are only about 3 people I am comfortable opening up to, though there's still plenty of stuff i keep to myself... i guess i don't like annoying people by burdening them with my problems.

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