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    Quote Originally Posted by cascadeco View Post
    I don't relate to this much; if I am happy, I don't expect people to match my same level of excitement. That doesn't even make much sense to me!!
    Well, that's because INFJs and ISFJs are Fi people...(not in MBTI, but in reality, they are)
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    I think for me the need is different but manifested in the same way.... I need the other person to experience happiness, not necessarily my own happiness if that makes any sense... I can feel miserable, sad or heartbroken and it can hurt terribly but what I CANNOt handle are those feelings in anyone else... it hurts much worse and I don't know what to do with it
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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    I wanted to hit on a specific portion of Fe and Fi in regards to something I noticed, not as a whole.

    With an Fi person, they can feel happyness inside and not need that feeling reciprocated externally. For example someone can do something for you that they doesnt cause the same level of excitement within them. That person can smile and be happy for you, maybe laugh out of amusement at how happy you are, etc.

    With an Fe person, you need someone to experience your happyness, to match your level of excitement, to jump up and down with you. If someone does something for an Fe person and they get all excited and the other person just smiles or is happy they are excited its discouraging that the other person doesnt meet that same level of excitement and bothers you that they just smile or laugh out of amusement because you are really excited.

    Thoughts, feelings?

    Please keep this on topic and do not turn it into a bash fest.
    Hmm, I dont know. I have trouble understanding exactly what you're asking but I'll say that apathy is a turn off. Even people who are unemotional don't want someone who is apathetic towards them.

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