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    The biggest thing NOT to do for me is dismiss my feelings, don't tell me I "shouldn't" feel a certain way, or I'm silly to! And being too harsh - I'm super sensitive, even if I sometimes try to hide it.

    DO listen to me without offering too much logical solutions. Let me talk my feelings out when I want/need to. Reassure and encourage me. Connect with me on a deep level. Say cute things, and be tactile. :p

    Maybe more later, enough for now.
    INFP~ 4w5 ~ sx/sp ~ IEI ~ Libra

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnFpFer View Post
    Can't speak for anyone but myself, but these are things that come to my mind. I need:

    *Time to think out important decisions and weigh my options
    *Honesty, but diplomacy.
    *To be valued and seen as a unique individual, appreciated for the specific things that I bring to the table(or not)
    *To be taken seriously when I'm being serious.
    *To laugh a lot

    Don't be:

    *Insensitive and overly brutish. We know how to hit below the belt too, and we will when provoked too many times. Don't be fooled. When we ask you to stop being hurtful, and outline what that means(cause we will), pay close attention and make an effort to communicate differently.
    *A liar. Personally, I can accept imperfections and even "mistakes", but being intentionally lied to burns me to my core.
    Holy sh**t a talking muffin!

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    The topic is: Do's and Don'ts of dating and NFs, a bunch of other crap split out.

    Also tip for newbs: Rather than telling someone over and over again that they're trolling, use the report post button and let the madmin team know your thoughts, if someone is trolling they won't care, we will. Kaythnx.

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    --- take a sincere interest in what they are passionate about.

    If you have absolutely zero interest in what your NF mate is passionate about, then you're not as compatible with each other as you think, and you will end up clashing over this at some point in the future. Guaranteed.


    --- Lie. Not just because lying is unethical, but also because if you're caught, prepare for hell on earth. We NF's hate lying with the passion of a thousand bitches in oestrus.
    The purple sun won't heal my purple bruises :ouch:

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