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    Default NFJ's: how do you experience...

    Ne users (ENFP/INFP/ENTP/and of course everyone's favorite type INTP )? We know that, for the most part, N's get along fairly well with each other, and I've read posts stating that you INFJ's and ENFJ's generally like INTP's, but I don't know much about you guys so I have this question:

    When I'm with other Ne users, there is a connection. We have a lot of fun being goofy, going too far with jokes, talking about wild possibilities and creative ideas, etc. You guys extrovert "feeling", however, so I'm wondering if you enjoy our Ne as much as we do or if it gets old after awhile or you don't really relate to it, etc. If it's not the Ne that you enjoy in INTP's, then what is it?

    Also, while I'm at it - another question: Ne's are relatively easy to spot for me - once the conversation gets going, it just flows. But, how can we (I) differentiate you guys from ISFJ's/ESFJ's upon meeting you only once or a couple of times casually? Since all 4 types extrovert feeling I'm beginning to think I've mistyped a few INFJ's as ISFJ's. This kind of goes with my first question above. Will it be that you will enjoy listening to us talking about "N" type things more often (whereas ISFJ's won't)?

    What is the conversation like between an INTP (or Ne user in general) and INFJ/ENFJ. I know 1 ENFJ and we get along great as friends, but it didn't work in relationship mode because her E is extreme and my I is fairly pronounced. We didn't click quite in the way that Ne-Ne does - when I get going with my Ne babble, she just kind of listens and laughs. She enjoys it, but I don't get it back from her (obviously) because she's not Ne. It's still an enjoyable connection for me (mainly because I know I can open up and talk and use my Ne and I know she'll like it - I can let my introverted guard down and run wild with Ne and I won't get strange looks like I would from an ESTJ), but it's still quite different from the Ne-Ne dynamic.

    So, in short, what does the INFJ/INTP (or ENFJ/INTP) dynamic look like from your perspective (interaction/dialogue, enjoyability factor, etc.)???

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    I like that they see things with less bias than I do without being boring. You see things as they are and then some!

    My best friend for the longest time is an INTP and we just have fun talking on the phone and brainstorming random junk. Where he comes up with a weird idea I can tie it together to make it more 'set.'

    ENTP women can be a bit much (Basically a feeling that they brusquely won't let me win), but then again then I wouldn't have to be the one doing the extroverting.

    I would swoon if I could find an INTP woman for me
    'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' - Marilyn Monroe

    This is who I am, escapist, paradise-seeker.

    Anthropology Major out of Hamline University. St. Paul, Minnesota.

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