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Blather on please, I was enjoying your insight more than my own
I'm very unfamiliar with Fe, so I'd like more insight on it. Of course, Fi too.

I'd also like to know how the Se and Si work in conjuction with Feeling, I feel like I have no understanding of the sensing function.
I'm really just making my own sense of Jungian theory to grasp MBTI better. Fe is foreign to me also....I'm still reading through Psychological Types, as I tend to skip to what interests me first (which is myself and my functions, hahaha).

A big, big lightbulb went off when I read that Ni does not relate its ideas to itself personally, and how that is extremely foreign to an introverted judger. Ni relates its ideas to other people as a whole, because it must be extroverted to assign value. The Ni individual discovers meaning for itself by making itself into a sort of symbolic figure representative of its vision. They want to become a sort of perfect example of the universal standards that give value to their ideas (probably why extroverted judging types tend to lead more). That helped me to see how Fe can understand it's individual self and not always be about other people. How this works with Si, I don't know yet...