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Thread: INFP Emotions

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    Group hug!
    Love is the point.

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    I don't express my emotions very well, but that doesn't mean they're not there. And they can saturate the air in my head pretty heavily at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodsWoman View Post
    Fi - feelings internal. For me they are so inwardly oriented that they are hard for me to quantify to myself, never mind to anyone else. It helps to use my auxiliary Ne to gain access - heavy use of metaphor is necessary.
    This comment reflects exactly how I feel.
    A few weeks ago a friend of mine (inFJ) asked me what I thought about a lecture that I had been talking about for a while and gladly went to hear, and I told her that although I enjoyed it I was still processing what it meant to me and how I felt about it. Actually, at the time I was going to use a metaphor to explain how I felt about it, but we were in a group setting (two NTs--two out of the only three I know--and a couple of Sensors) and I'd observed that once I start throwing out the figurative language everyone's eyes start to glaze over. Anyway, the point was that my knee jerk reaction is to use a metaphor/simile/analogy when I can't readily explain my feeling in concrete terms, like you explained in your comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Yes, very true for me...although I often feel passionate and intense, but less so as a reaction to external elements. My own ideas/beliefs make me feel passionate and intense. This is in-line with being an introvert though - I'm much more responsive to my internal thoughts than anything external.

    Even when I empathize with someone, I feel rather detached from them. I've mentioned in other posts how I feel more mentally stimulated in such circumstances, like solving a puzzle or reading something interesting, not emotionally affected. I think this calmness is part of what does make us good "healers". But that's also why all the fuzzy bunny nonsense about INFPs is just that - nonsense.

    INFP profiles do mention that INFPs seem quite stoic externally, but care deeply internally. People seem to miss the idea that it's not shown, unless you are very close to someone. Jung's description of Fi-dom says that Fi is much, much more likely to display negative emotion also, and that we generally come off as indifferent to strangers. I hate to say it, but it's true for me. Even among close family, my anger will be more apparent than my happy feelings.

    The first and last part ring especially true.
    The middle part, however, I'm usually detached when sympathizing with someone. In that sense it feels more like a puzzle or an enigma. With empathy, I have a tendency of feeling deeply connected with others. I sometimes even (unconsciously) take the weight of that person's burden on my shoulders. It's an "I hurt for you because I'm strong enough to handle it" type of feeling. It may be tied to how I see the world and my own beliefs about interconnectedness, but that's how I do it.

    Also after I've felt someone else's pain for long enough, I start to become very analtyical about trying to improve or balance the emotion/pain/struggle. So, I guess I'm agreeing with you in the middle portion, too, but the difference is how soon (or late) I start analyzing their situation.

    OrangeAppled, I just think your strong Ti is the result of being very cccaaalllmmm. Usually I am, but not always.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzcrossed View Post
    Group hug!

    No way, Fuzz! You just want to feel us up.

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