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Thread: ENFJ relations

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    Hmm... don't count out the ENFPs, either!

    I'm dating an ENFJ and my closest friends happen to be ENFJs and we get along so well! (I happen to be a SLIGHTLY extroverted ENFP, so maybe that helps?) But yes... maybe instead of ESFP, try the ENFP... for friendships and relationships. That might help...

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    It can be tough when you don't click with a lot of people.

    But hey, there's nothing wrong with friendships with people that are very different to you. It can be a great way to open up other sides of your personality. Have fun with it, you just have to acknowledge and accept that the relationship won't be a close one (as close friendships require a lot more common ground). Sometimes you just have to stop trying to make every friend into your best mate - you can enjoy a friendship even if its a more casual and shallow one. When I realized this, it really freed up my approach to friendship and I had a lot more fun socializing.

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