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    I've stuck with an ESFP. He seems to work best. The others my Ne would have a field day with, trying to interpret all the nuances. He tells me how it is, straight up, which allows my head some free time to contemplate other issues. Makes for a relatively low-maintenance relationship.

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    INTP. It's fun times.
    4w3, IEI, so/sx/sp, female, and Cancer sign.

    My thoughts on...

    DISCLAIMER: If I offend you, I'm 99.9% sure it's unintentional. So be sure to let me know, m'kay? (And yes, an INFP would stick this in their signature, lol.)

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    I love my INFP! (Do I sound like a newlywed or what? I'm posting about how much I lose those darn INFPs everywhere!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    I don't have much long term relationship experience, but my best connections have been made with ENFJs and INTPs, although most of those were just friends. I could see myself in a romantic relationship with that type, just based on the general dynamics I experienced. I've casually dated a few INTJs, and I wasn't feeling much connection.

    Generally, I hate dating; I take a long time to "warm up" to people and be myself, I am hard to get to know, I rarely initiate, and I don't connect with or relate to most people. When an INFP finds someone they really, really like, they supposedly latch on, and I can see why. It's hard to find those people. I find myself doing much more rejecting than being rejected....which also leaves me with some strange sense of guilt, and a lot of frustration.

    Quite honestly, I don't think I am high maintenance. I need a lot of alone time and independence, which also gives my partner a lot of space. I'm pretty easy-going and up for most anything (as long as it doesn't violate an important value of mine). I'm not demanding of time or money. All I really want is quality time, affection, emotional/mental/physical connection, and loyalty/commitment. I have other preferences, but that's what I seek to get out of a relationship.

    Some long posts I made related to INFP dating/romantic behavior:
    As I have done before, I will second OrangeAppled, and add a bit

    INFP connect easily with people, but by the time they are adults most have learned to not expose their underbellies for fear of having them attacked.

    When an INFP does find someone they trust, they will slowly show the person of interest their soft spots to show their trust. I have heard (of myself) that I was like a warm pool to slip into.

    The world (and often the people in it) often don't live up to the idealistic and romantic INFP. However, we often find our rays of sun in specific people, or in theories and ideas.

    I prefer quality over quantity. So I keep a small pool of friends, and the time I spend with them is often spent travelling, or deep in conversation. My relationships, as OrangeAppled mentioned, tend to be cool most of the time, with intense periods of emotion. It may make us appear apathetic or even fickle. More to the point, few could deal with the inferno of emotions that continuously bombard the INFP, and we try to shield others from that.

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    I really like enfj's but i find i can become way too passive with them. i want more freedom and feel almost too anchored with enfj's. i am seeing an infj right now who is cool.. we're both spaced out, kind of doing our own things and we overlap in some interests but not too much. i personally tend to like Fe and N's in general. so, atm any xnfj's seem cool to me for a romantic relationship.

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    I can't speak as an INFP (or even for an INFP), but I did date one for a little while last summer. It was pretty clear to me that it would never work out between us, but I did form some opinions on what would likely be best for him in a relationship. I could imagine him being really happy with an ESFP, maybe ISFP. They might be able to bring him out into the world a little more while still sharing his conflict-averse, open-minded values.

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    My longest relationship has been an ISFP, and I think that may be due to the fact that we understood each other as Fi doms and while some of our values clashed, we shared a lot of common interests and were equally romantic and affectionate, etc. He still seems very "real" to me. Probably due to Fi, again.

    I don't do too well with any SJs, even ISFJs much as I like them, because I find that even if we are attracted or have fun together at first, our basic world view is waaaaay too different, and I personally have a deep need to feel understood as a part of romantic intimacy.

    Other than that I can't get too much into judging types for relationships. Sorry. I would say that I might go with an NT or NF, but I don't know that I've had long-term experience with either of those types in a romantic sense. I know I am put-off by the conversational competitiveness of NT men a LOT. It's fun for a debate or a friendship, but I'm not sure that's who I want to be in a relationship with.

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