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    I think your basic premise is wrong Happy Puppy. I don't think it is a characteristic of Fe that it is "marked by calmness and maintaining a happy outward, teamwork focused attitude with a minimum of negativity". That sounds much more like Fi to me. Fe is intrinsically more likely to make emotions known, whether positive or negative.

    That's not to say that everything is fine and dandy with your colleague, and that you shouldn't be concerned about him. But if you're only basing this on him acting differently to how MBTI tells you he should, then I think you're making a mistake.

    Spamter, I think it's really nice of you that you avoid loved ones when you're in a bad mood. Although I don't think expressing your moods, bad ones included, is necessarily a bad thing. My earlier comment was more about feeler types that habitually use you to dump their bad emotions so that they can feel better, rather than thinker types who blow off every once in a while.

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    I would have to be extremely stressed to do that. I usually try to keep it inside, like you said, to avoid being impolite or inappropriate. It generally has to build up quite a bit before I let it all spill over. I would rant to people who are not part of my frustration (family, close friends), but I wouldn't be vocal with the people actually involved unless I was very stressed and at a breaking point. Hope that makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spamtar View Post
    Does his outward ranting effect productivity?

    I love ranting but if someone is doing it at me while for example if I was working heavy machinery would punch them in the nose.

    If its harmless, then let him rant...nothing quiet as relaxing as a good nonsensical rant every now and then, at least for my Fe. He can be shut up, but he will resent it and remember it.

    A good rant, can feel like...freedom.

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