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Thread: Clumsy Much?

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    I can be clumsy too, especially on abscentminded days when I'm all in my head. It's not so much in fine motorics, thus not really knocking things over or getting impatient with small precision-demanding movements (I guess that's because I do have some Si, though inferior).
    It's more like being a bit off about estimating where my body ends and hard edges of tables, doors and chairs begin.

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    i'm super clumsy

    i just fell down my stairs...again this morning.

    i'm constantly misjudging and bumping into's ridiculous but somehow i have quick reflexes when it comes to catching something being thrown or falling and i'm coordinated enough to dance i guess....but yeah super clumsy.
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    I might be clumsy otherwise, but I play sports so often I don't find myself clumsy at all. I guess it's the practicing Jennifer was talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    you just need practice doing stuff... screw function use.

    N's might be at a disadvantage navigating and responding to the needs of a concrete world because they live in a world that does not exist concretely.

    S kids live in that world every day and learn it quickly, N's are off daydreaming or speculating much more. IOW, S kids practice all the time, N kids need more experience navigating in that world.

    .... as far as I go, I have pretty marvelous reflexes (I routinely catch things that fall off shelves or that people drop, before I'm even aware my body has moved), and after years of practicing, I can play the piano well (I have good rhythm and digital coordination); but in terms of doing more complicated body movements instinctive, I have trouble getting good at things like dancing, swinging thing well (bats, golf clubs, etc). I'm not awful at those things but I find I have to work very hard at them if I want to do them, I don't have a good sense of my physical body and how it fits together.
    Yes, I relate to all of this. Agree that N's might be more prone to not pay attention to surroundings and due to the nature of their 'world', might not place much value on physical movement and all that comes with that, thus never bother to focus and try to improve or actually pay attention. But N's aren't a lost cause.....actually this sort of thread comes up every now and then and I never really relate to it -- to the extremes that some people experience it, that is!

    Anyway, it's funny, I totally relate to the reflex thing! I'll knock things off on occasion but my hand moves of its own accord and I immediately catch it (almost all of the time). And, I suppose since growing up I was involved in ballet for 6+ years, and two musical instruments for 10+ years, I just kind of 'trained' my body and hands to become coordinated. So at this point no, I'm not clumsy - probably the opposite..due to the ballet training, I am pretty graceful.

    Have never been skilled at team sports, however. Too much going on, I can't pay attention or react fast enough.
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