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...and that was one reason why I didn't get the job...well, they also thought I seemed a bit overqualified, which makes me suspect the salary would have been crap. I thought from the job description/interview that I seemed pretty much exactly qualified, not over-qualified.

But I just could not believe the overconfident thing. Maybe I am a bit overconfident about this but I am not sure I have EVER been told that in any aspect of my life... I mean, what should you do? Say "Well, um, I'm not sure my experience is that great, but I think I could probably do this anyway?" I always worry about not seeming confident enough - maybe I over compensated or turned into an ESTP for the duration of the interview

I can't help wondering if this is a bit of an English thing (I'm Canadian but live over here.) The English love their self deprecation. I have a hard time imagining a North American interviewer telling me I seemed over confident.

I am so discouraged by the job search...
I mean depends what the job was.
Batman's sidekick? The guy just doesn't want you to steal the spotlights. Superheroes live off ad revenue

(Yeah batman is not really a superhero. Or is he)