INFP - Warm corn bread
INFJ - Muesli bread and fresh fruit
ENFP - Blended mango margarita
ENFJ - Bacon & veggie baked Mac n Cheese

INTP - Sweet n sour chicken
INTJ - Sushi and saki
ENTJ - Seared scallops and fresh herb salad
ENTP - Homemade pizza loaded with tons of toppings

ISFP - Tropical flavored popsicle
ISFJ - Roasted chicken with asparagus and wild rice
ESFP - Maraschino cherries
ESFJ - Chicken noodle soup

ISTP - Carne asada burrito
ISTJ - Hearty beef stew
ESTP - Korean BBQ
ESTJ - Pulled pork sandwich with a side of steak fries