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    i never take pics, but i do like it when ppl take pics of me... haha

    some of my friends used to say i should put my life on the internet, like video tape it 24 hrs a day. lolz i notice my pics, usually nowadays i have a smirk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saint Kar View Post
    Another advice: know your angles. Sometimes being photographed from the left makes you look way fatter than being photographed from the right. Everyone has his or her best angle.
    Another thing people should be more aware when taking portrait from someone smiling is to take pic of the right time of the smile. When you take pic from a smile thats on its biggest, it will most likely just look stupid. Best time of the smile for pic is when its just about to settle down, because thats when face is still relaxed and looks like smily face, but the mouth isnt too wide or open. Might be bit hard to get the right timing with crappy point and shoot because they are so slow to react.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Quote Originally Posted by BerberElla View Post
    I'm curious if any other ENFP's are as camera shy as me. At least any photo that includes my face, which I hate seeing staring back at me in those photos that I feel never capture who I really am.
    Yep, I recognise this a lot. Not exactly shy, but I do become tense and selfconscious when there's a camera around. I actually feel the muscles around my mouth and eyes shake a bit while struggling to hold on to the one presumably 'agreeable' expression suited for a photo.
    I usually get disappointed about the results and loose a bit of confidence ("a phote never lies", right...? :steam

    But getting filmed is another matter actually. I've been interviewed on TV quite a few times, and don't mind watching that and don't get too worked up about looking good or not. Perhaps because I'm mostly in facial movement, quite expressive and outreaching and changing when I'm around people and on film you see that - it feels authentic and it reflects the constant quick shifts of looking good / looking awful / looking serious / looking engaged / looking happy / looking silly etc. which is how I pretty much feel is me.

    Unlike models, I don't seem to have a "set-point" face, which I suppose is needed in order to be 'photogenic'? Snapshots will fail to catch the characteristic flow of being expressive and communicative, and instead freeze some arbitrary gesture mid-movement and more often than not make it look a bit ridiculous.

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    I used to dislike taking photos and had this standard fake smile. Now I am a bonafide camera whore. And I still have my standard fake smile. LOL. I looooooooooove dressing up and posing for the camera. I think the shyness or not thing for an ENFP has to do partly with forever and always at least a little bit remaining a little girl or boy on the inside. So either very shy or totally shameless.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

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    Could be an ENFP thing, I hate having pictures taken. I don't think I am very photo-genetic, and am really self conscious in pictures. I guess that's a little over dramatic, so I seldom actually want my picture taken for these reasons.

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    I'm camera shy and I have always been so. At least as long as I remember.
    I hate being the one who is in the picture and I never look very natural in pics because I'm so uncomfortable in them. Maybe I feel like the camera is stealing my soul or something. I don't know what it is but me and camera's - we aren't excactly friends. I do like to take pics of other people.

    In my experience, xSFP's are the most themselves in front of cameras. They have the ability to connect somehow to the "camera" and they are very natural there. Weird.

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