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Hmm- well for one thing I know people gain my trust by speaking in my love language and showing me that I am a priority.

Time is very important to me and interaction is very draining- I look at time spent with people as a serious investment- if a person is not trustworthy then that is time wasted and I have been drained for nothing. I save my energy and time for people who are a priority to me only and who make me a priority. Show me you are making me a priority and that my time is meaningful to you and I will be more trusting of you and will want to invest more in the relationship.

I respect people who are honest even if it puts them at a disadvantage that is very trust endearing for me at least. Displays of integrity build great confidence.

The more self aware you seem and reflective the more likely I am to trust you because the more you know who you are the more I can trust you to not be flaky and change on me and seem to lie- if you are aware of what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are- your battles in life and how you need to grow and how you have grown- that is very appealing to gaining trust.

Know why you like me and be able to describe it- be specific. Make sure to display that there is a meaningful exchange taking place that is special and make me feel understood by asking questions and restating things I tell you and what you observe of me, make observations of me and tell me them and don't be afraid to challenge me- the more I see you as an asset to helping me grow as a person, the more I will trust you.

Consistentcy also very very very very very key. Perhaps most important of all. This is just how it is for me- I can't speak for all INFJ's and who knows if yours is like me.
So my place or yours ?