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    Of course the solution to all of this is simply to ban texting functionality from your phone completely.
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    Texting is convenient, but I have no patience for long text message conversations. I'd really rather the person call or that we talk online. A lot of that is probably my being a slow texter.

    What usually happens to me is that I don't have my phone next to me and don't see my new messages until hours later, at which point it often doesn't seem worthwhile to respond if it was a casual message. If I miss something important, I text the person back to apologize. Otherwise, I resolve to ask them about whatever it was the next time we talk.

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    Yeah, texting is an annoyance, in my opinion. I like short texts such as "Meet you at 2," or "Where are we meeting?" These are acceptable to me. What I do not like, however, are conversational texts like, "How'd you like the movie?" I do not have the time for those and honestly, I get somewhat offended because if someone wants to ask me something conversational, I think they should be able to make a phone call.

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    I always reply to texts, emails, Facebook messages, etc. About 50% of the time I don't feel like responding, but I don't want to hurt the person's feelings on the other end so I do anyway. I'd have to be pretty angry and/or irritated with someone to repeatedly ignore their messages. But maybe that's just me.

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