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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    My room mate recently tested as INFJ but I suspect she's more ISFJ. She doesn't seem to have common sense, if were basing intelligent on common sense. Then she's a moron. Then again I thin after the tenth time of trying you should be able to use the pass to get on the train (she couldn't insert the right way, she had every way but the correct way.) I finally pointed out that arrows actaully mean something. Then she told me how she got on the train going to wrong way and ended up in the suburbs, I mean it takes about an hour any line to get to the suburbs, and they announce it every stop this is a "northbound redline train to howard"

    Also very into fashion, and tends to believe what other's tell her. Hell she wears heels to walk around chicago then complains how her feet hurt. And when you're like then don't wear heels, she's like well then I won't look good and everyone will notice. I'm like no one will care. Or very few people.

    Or maybe I'm mis typed as an ISFP if so disregard this post.
    Heh. Your roommate's spacy ways remind me a bit of my own. I'm notorious for taking the inbound instead of the outbound train, taking way too much time to load my pass, and don't get me started on how awful I am at directions! I have to leave my apartment at least a half hour to an hour earlier than I should to compensate for the time I'm inevitably going to spend wandering around lost. I'm also into fashion a bit, though not so much with the heels. I do tend to put effort into my appearance, though. There's no doubt in my mind that I am an INFJ.

    My point isn't to cut into your post, but to illustrate that stuff like that doesn't necessarily make someone an S over an N.

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    She probably is an N. I'm not 100% sure of anything. I just get frustrated when people can't figure out how to do something. I have no patience for others. I view myself as dumb so if I know it then everyone else should aswell, and if they don't then it's sad. This is why I'll never be a teacher or a tutor. I am trying to work on this. My mom who I'm sure is an N, is very spacey in this way she did test as an ISFJ but I don't know she seems more INFJ to me. I love her, but ugh some of the things I have to show her repeatly. I had 3 years of art in highschool, so I was force to learn to pay attention to details. I think before then I wouldn't have paid any attention, and now I notice the smallest details in things. I like living in my own world but I know when I need to be in the real world and pay attention to my surroundings. I may also very well be an unhealthy NF.

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