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    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    So... what makes you tick? What's your motivation for doing things, life?
    Fulfillment, mentally and emotionally. But isn't that everyone's motivation? I suppose my primary motive is to express myself and make myself understood by others. I want to reach out and touch the places within other people's minds that are not normally activated, or are hidden away underneath the piles of everyday concerns. I want to tell stories to people that describe the world beneath, inside, and outside (all at the same time) of the world around them.

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    How do you pass your time?
    If I can, I work. I like working, either doing a regular job or illustrating doesnt much matter. I'm happiest when I'm busy working. Otherwise: I read. Play video games. Travel when I can. Explore. When I can, I like to learn how to build things. I like working with wood for some reason (it would be awesome to learn how to build my own furniture!).

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    What kind of art, music do you like?
    Anything that sounds/looks good to me. Vague, yes, but I really don't have any definite constraints as far as genres go. However, I'm particularly partial to the Baroque, Romantic, and Surrealist art periods as well as most ancient art (and if I could do everything, I'd be an archaeologist ). With music, I'm very fond of jazz, 60s and 70s rock, and soundtracks to movies/games.

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    What pisses you the hell off?
    Having to watch people do very stupid things they know are stupid. Feeling like my thoughts and feelings are not valid. Being purposefully ignored (silent treatment kind of thing).

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    What makes you cry,
    I'm a cry baby, so, any number of things. I'm easily emotionally moved. However, some specific things:

    -Hard relationship discussions. (Even if nothing hurtful is said. It can take a while for a guy I'm seeing to understand that it's not always his fault if I start crying. Hard discussions, even if executed in a calm manner, can get me stirred up.)
    -Feeling hopeless/worthless.
    -Feeling like I have no driection.

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    makes you happy?
    Drawing, painting, working. Being outside in the fall and smelling that woodsmoke and rotting leaf scent in the air. Being with my SO.

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    What are your governing principles for life?
    1. Do the best you can, because that's all you can ever expect of yourself.
    2. Do what you think is the right thing to do.
    3. NEVER treat people who handle your food, police the roads, or handle your finances poorly. Even if you hate them and wish they'd get hit by a truck. It's just not worth it.
    4. Take time out for yourself. There's nothing wrong in doing that and it's good for you.
    "I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."

    Robert Frost

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyward View Post
    For me, I just live my life following my instinct. A lot of the time that ends up with me gibbering like a fool because my stream of consciousness takes control of my mouth (Its the flaw I just want to get rid of. I dont have as much 'vocal moderation' as a lot of INFJs seem to have.)
    I know an ENFJ who does that
    I imagine it's stronger in INFJs (being Ni-dom), but you guys are just quieter. SFJs tend to speak in a current stream of thought also, but their thoughts aren't as interesting

    I bet your thoughts come out more well-organized than you imagine. My thoughts seem so clear until they come out, then it's a Ne mess .
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post

    So... what makes you tick? What's your motivation for doing things, life?
    Feeling I am growing as a person. A sense of movement and change, and accomplishment (not 'progress' per se, as I don't have a set pinnacle in mind that I'm striving towards - simply a lack of stagnation). Learning new things, broadening my horizons, experiencing as much as I can out of life, always trying to find meaningful relationships and connections with others. Trying to live a balanced life - all facets. Failing much of the time, but constantly keeping this in mind.

    How do you pass your time?
    I have been unemployed for a while now so this won't be the best representation. I do spend a lot of time just contemplating life. The nature of it, my own personality, and my relationships. I also tend to analyze a lot. So there might be an hour or two each day that I can't really account for - as I am in effect doing nothing. Otherwise, I read quite a lot (fiction as well as some nonfiction), I paint, love the outdoors so like getting out on walks and hikes, love photography, love nature, enjoy climbing. Traveling.

    What kind of art, music do you like?
    I try to appreciate all, on some level, but obviously have personal preferences. I'm a little more particular with visual art/aesthetics, as ambience is important to me and there is some art that I would never want to display in my place, just because I don't like it. Music-wise though I think I like a huge variety - from classical, to some hard rock, techno/trip-hop, world, some folk/acoustic, etc etc etc

    What pisses you the hell off?
    People who are absolutely inconsiderate/oblivious to other people or other lifeforms around them, and who push their own needs/self ahead of everyone else in existence. This comes in a variety of forms - superficial things/behaviors that you can observe while running errands, or on the road, or in any number of different interactions, to deeper beliefs/views of the world.

    What makes you cry, makes you happy?
    Crying - when I'm mad at myself or unhappy with my life or in self-pity mode, when I'm stressed out (this usually goes hand in hand with the first reason) sometimes I'll cry, I'll sometimes cry when something really moves me - it may not even be sad, I may just see some huge epic underlying 'Truth' that symbolizes or speaks to Life as a whole, and sometimes I'll cry at Beauty.

    Happy - being in nature, innocence and enthusiasm, beauty, peace.

    What are your governing principles for life
    Trying to live my life to the fullest.
    Desire for growth/change.
    Tendency to be agnostic in big topics - the more you know, the less certain you can become, and less apt to really feel in a position to judge.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    What's your motivation for doing things, life?
    I am guided by my own individuality (my thoughts, intuition, and desire to express myself). That always comes first... I have a rich inner life that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. It is something that cannot be expressed properly through words.

    I am also motivated to do good for others and to understand the human condition. My desire for doing good is tied in with my expression in my writing. I want to make a difference through literature. I feel a kinship to many authors that I have never felt with a person I've met personally. It's a desire to understand mankind and to create strong figures with ideals who conflict with the society around them. I think in most cases they're writing for themselves and so do I.

    How do you pass your time?
    I teach so that is incredibly time-consuming. I also write when I get time to manage it. Also creating art, playing video games from time to time, reading, and playing piano... and going on forums. :P

    What kind of art, music do you like?
    Hmmm... I like a variety of artists, from Kandinsky to Yoshitaka Amano. I like a dream feel to art (and yet I'm not obsessed with the Surrealists). It's just a strange combination of mark making and subject matter that will get my attention.

    Music is similar... some music I just like to like it. I also enjoy instrumentals greatly because of their open-ended ness... your imagination can fill in so much when there aren't lyrics in the way. And aside from that, I'm obsessed with musicals mostly... or just any music with a strong passion behind it. Not the usual "oh no my girlfriend broke up with me" sort of lyrics. Jesus Christ Superstar, Pink Floyd, really strong, often unusual, lyrics.

    What pisses you the hell off? What makes you cry, makes you happy?
    Pisses me off: Ignorance, blind following (religion, government, etc), abuse of power

    Cry: Animal/child cruelty (woo vegetarian), once more... ignorance... and just the constant decline in a desire to be educated in kids/teens today, also the fact that mankind will constantly be destructive and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

    Happy: EPIPHANIES... I think they're my energy despite being so few and far-between. Seeing other people being happy... playful banter just getting to an out-of-control, absolutely side-splitting level... that sort of happy just stays with you a while.

    What are your governing principles for life?
    1. Trust thyself above all (thanks Emerson)
    2. Live as simply as you can
    3. Cause no unnecessary cruelty, in a physical or emotional sense (I have such a guilt complex over the smallest things anyhow)
    4. Find yourself and then express it
    5. One can never have too much knowledge, but do not flaunt the knowledge you have. Knowledge becomes wisdom when you learn the time and place its appropriate.
    6. Recognize all of your flaws and work diligently at trying to remove them and seek perfection in oneself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by workaholicsanon View Post
    No i wouldn't actually. INFJs are big idea people. We dream up things. And we dont like to be critical. Sometimes we are, but we dont like to be. Well, to clarify, we're extremely critical of ourselves. Not so much of others. And if we are critical of others, we tend to try to understand why that person is the way they are and the circumstances behind that. We tend to want to see the good in people and to forgive if possible. The creators are the big do-ers, such as ESTPs. I dont know where INFPs would fall in that spectrum. Oh and the editors are INTPs.
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    "Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart."
    Mencius (Meng-Tse), 4th century BCE

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