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    Plato, an INFJ, was big on geometry.
    Autistic INFP

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    I don't hate math. I didn't like it for a long time, but that was because I wasn't very good at it. I earned all A's in math, but that was through rote memorization.

    When I started teaching math to myself using my college textbook, I started appreciating it. When I understand a subject, I usually like it, and I think part of what used to form a ball of ice in my stomach whenever I thought of math was that I didn't understand it, and I knew it, deep down. What was frustrating was that I didn't realize all I was doing was memorizing how to solve equations, rather than really understanding the equation and all its components. Math is partly memorization, but it's mostly understanding.

    It's satisfying to learn and be at peace with subject that you've always had so much fear toward, if only because it means, "Yes, I can!"

    I'm taking elementary algebra this year, which is basically high school math. When I learned algebra the first time, I never really understood it, I only memorized, which led to me easily and quickly forgetting everything. So I have to relearn it, because it's almost as if I never learned it in the first place. I think part of it is needing a good textbook that explains things well, and the biggest part of it is setting aside time to actually learn it and understand it, rather than simply memorizing a trick or two.

    So yeah, math always terrified me, even with all my comical, ironic A's. I knew I was a fraud, deep down. Now I am less of one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I've noticed lately lot of NFs saying how they hated math. I liked math, it wasn't my best subject in school, but once I got to algebra it got easier for me. Before then I couldn't stand it, but once it started making since, I liked it. Now I'll never major in it or base my career off of it, but sometimes I enjoyed algebra just because all you had to do was balance the equation.
    I enjoyed and still enjoy algebra, which to me is more like a game. Arithmetic can also be fun as a brain warm up. Overall I feel like I'm really weak at math as it confuses me. I really want to understand the 'why' behind things and I can't grasp numbers. I know that I don't completely totally suck at math because I scored well on standardized tests through highschool and statistically I scored higher than a good chunk of my peers. I just feel I struggle with it though. The irony is that I qualified as a tutor to teach math on highschool level standardized tests. Hee hee.

    Oh, I was horrible at Geometry and I even TRIED. I think my spatial sense isn't so hot.

    I'm very good at practical mathematics and that's the extent of it. Like figuring out how to split a bill with friends including tax at 15% or 20% or 25% percent (has to be in multiples of 5 to make it easier, or else the estimate will be very rough). I was a nerd in highschool and did 'brain bowl' and even though my teammates were all in high level math like AP Calculus, I could crunch those kinds of questions (this is on sale for X percent then it's on sale for X percent, how much is the total now?) in my head MUCH faster than them. I figure unless in a math intensive field, you only need math in as much as it's practical. So I'm happy with my grasp on math.

    I flunked Precalculus. Partly because it was my last semester of highschool and I was already accepted to college. I completely stopped paying attention to class after the 1st chapter. I didn't even know what a 'parabola' was when the teacher started drawing those graphs on the projector.

    And I did NOT take ANY quantitative classes in college, no math, no science.

    I did take an accounting class taught by a CPA recently. OMG, I shoved information in my brain like a soggy sponge and the poor thing could take no more. Now THAT is confusing.

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    As an ENFP I have always enjoyed statistics, you can make them sing and dance and say whatever you want.

    They also provide some proof. I love stats. Memorized player stats as a kid and enjoyed taking stats in college and figuring out what the numbers mean. Cool.
    The inability to forget is far more debilitating than the inability to remember.......

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    I actually found a lot of calm in being able to crunch electronic data. Repetitive formulas with multiple steps that required that I pay attention but with predictable outcome. Trouble is -- I have a form of dyslexia that makes computational problems into the 7th ring of hell.
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    I've always hated math. It's absolutely confounding to me. So is chemistry and microbiology. Too many details!

    But I can do lightning-quick arithmetic in my head.
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