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    I would say ISJ's
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    all I know is i my enfj boyfriend adores me and i adore him and we are both in awe of how perfect and amazing the other is and we make each other v happy

    i think its so weird that nobody has mentioned isfp
    This will hurt.

    loves her enfj boyfriend

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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    and especially need the added centering foundation of a dom Fi or Ti.
    I think you're onto something here. Fi-dom or Ti-dom seems to be a trend in types listed: INTP, ISTP, INFP, ISFP. The extroverts listed are mostly Ps also (ENxP). It seems extroverted perceiving is attractive to ENFJs, and some prefer introverts with a judging function to center them, as you say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Udog View Post
    Yes, please do come closer.
    I haz candee.

    Quote Originally Posted by Heinel View Post
    unless jumping through hoops are part of the draw, I do not see how ISTP / ENFJ should be recommended.
    *slow head shake*

    Quote Originally Posted by EcK View Post
    I really neither know nor read the OP

    The hot type?
    How you doin'?

    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post

    as far as entp-enfj you have a power couple like john and yoko.
    Eh? I thought that was an ISTP-ISTJ pair.

    i think enfj does best with infp, isfp, intp, istp, intj, entj, entp. estj or estp could probably work too, enxjs seem the least intuitive or bust out of any of the N types. enfj seems better at playing the field than finding long-term partners, so it often takes necessity/discipline to slow them down and get them in-touch with their own needs (which is necessary for the success of most long-term relationships). this is especially 2w3 and 3w2. the 2w1 and the 4w5 enfjs have more internal struggle, and especially need the added centering foundation of a dom Fi or Ti.
    ESTJ would be a disaster.

    Could you explain "least intuitive"?
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