I moved my stuff in yesterday so my ENFP friend and I are officially roomies now. Well, we won't actually be living there together until mid-January...but whatever. I was so nervous when I was moving in though. She looked at me and said, "If we're going to be roommates, you're gonna need to chill. I want you to feel comfortable in your room." (I think I'm so used to being on edge because of my old roommate's anger issues.) I was like, "Um...wow...how did you know I was nervous? Haha!" She's amazing. I went to put my sheets on my bed and she was standing at the foot of it. I was like, "Oh I'm sorry, did you need something?" and she said, "I was gonna help you." I was like "Help me?...Oh! You want to help me put the sheets on! Wow! Okay! Sure! Thanks!" I think I will be more comfortable after a week or so of living with her. But if any more ENFPs out there have advice for me on how to be a good roommate to an ENFP, please let me know! I want it to be a good experience.