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    I'm guessing every type has their moments.

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    I know what is going to happen and am almost always right. You just have to know how to spin it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    I'm an NF, and I agree. I think some people are quite perceptive, but anyone who thinks they're always right about this sort of thing usually has their own perception of reality, or a way of putting their own spin on things...
    Yep. I'm arrogant, but not THAT arrogant

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    I sometimes get a very strong gut feeling on how things might happen, and they do happen. I won't say I'm always correct and I try to keep an open mind but eh, it sometimes is just... freaky
    I am an ENFP but I value justice over mercy.

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    Whenever I have noticed enough details to believe I have a guess or a pretty darn good idea of what is going to happen, I'm almost always accurate. I often have no clue and make no attempt to guess, and in that case will run through the most likely scenarios based on what I know about people in general and the ones involved in particular, but am not attached to a particular outcome as the likely one.

    When I get enough info that I have a better idea (most of it things others don't notice about facial expressions, tone of voice, choice of words, stuff like that that I couldn't really explain to another person because they're discreet and it is the complexity of how they work together that is really the key), I eliminate some of the likely outcomes and take a guess at which of the remaining ones could be the most likely. I'm still not particularly attached to one or another being more likely.

    Once in a while I believe I know a person's inner workings enough, based on my knowledge of the person and the circumstances, that I can accurately predict an outcome. I've only been really wrong on those with one person to my knowledge. And that time I got it really, really wrong because what would have been reasonable assumptions to make about motives turned out to be inaccurate because of the person having a pervasive developmental disorder which provided motives I hadn't taken into consideration.

    So I would say that yes, I sometimes just know how things are going to pan out and I don't believe it is anything about being psychic, just being well-attuned to particular attributes that make it easy to predict what will happen when compared to similar historical scenarios. Really, I think my personality allows me to most accurately choose a historical example to compare it to and that's why when I reach a point that I believe I have a good match, I'm almost always right.
    Classic ENFJ woman--passionate, loyal, misunderstood
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    I told you, noone knows how things will pan out, its either your subjective minds influencing you into changing your opinion in progress without noticing or some desire to know the newest story cause your life is boring.

    Whatever it might be, if you need new chatter about people from the mbti forum, I am your man

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    YES and no one ever heeds my warnings and then I'm right and I facepalm.
    in my head I think I'm always right because I only remember a select few times I felt that this was going to end this way... and I was right, I don't remember being wrong but of course I have been. it's impossible to not be wrong.
    I just don't remember, it wasn't that important.

    I'm usually right about people and their motives, so I guess that helps me guess the way a relationship is going to go.
    plus people my age aren't really that hard to figure out; they're not as complex as an adult is.
    "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day."


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