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    i feel any religion which states non-believers are doomed is a write off...anything else is cool though i don't follow anything particularly...i do believe in power and energy i can't see/hear/smell/touch/taste, though i don't believe there is one "god". i kinda feel like vibe and karma is imprinted in everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzcrossed View Post
    I find the viewpoint interesting that a religion actually hinders your thoughts. I don't go to any church that forces me to think a certain way, rather I choose a church that thinks along the same lines that I do, and where purchase of their particular theology is voluntary in order to be a part of their society (though, once again, our theology has to 80% without any big caveats for me to be a part of that church), and not at all a forced transaction.

    Are you saying that somebody's belief in something is more important in some way then it actually existing?
    Yeah, choice is definitely important. It's not good if you go to a church because you think it's what you're "supposed" to do or something.

    I feel like the majority of people stick with the religion they're raised with, and then it gets so ingrained that they're unwilling to examine the things that don't make sense to them.

    I'm taking an Intro. to Judaism course, and I really respect that religion now because I learned that everyone is free to interpret the Torah in their own way without being considered blasphemers. Part of their worship is literally studying and interpreting the Bible. Wish more religions were like that.

    Yep, that's basically what I'm saying. Who am I to tell someone God doesn't exist when I'm filtering their religion and values and beliefs through my own bias, y'know.
    "So I say, live and let live. Thatís my motto. Live and let live.
    Anyone who canít go along with that, take him outside and shoot the motherfucker."
    - George Carlin

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    Default ugh... i shouldn't post this.

    "civilization cannot achieve perfection until the last stone of the last church falls upon the last priest."

    it took me a long time to bridge the conceptual gap between the non-existence of santa claus, and the non-existence of God. God with a capital 'g'. the one that people are always talking about as if they've met him, or read something he wrote, or said. as if he is a real person up on a comfy chair in the clouds.

    i DO feel that there is some mysterious *something* binding us all together. i know a few things. it is not a dude. it is not something you can imagine. it is not something you can talk about with any ease (the way church makes people feel they can).

    i'm "spiritual". i *feel* it. and so do lots of people. usually they just attribute it to whichever dubious explanation they hear first.

    for an infp, it is my belief, that interest in religion is simply mis-attribution of the comfort found in metaphor. i've seen infps treat almost anything as if it were a religious particle.
    truth is, people hate choices and would rather choose to invest their premature faith in something they have no real knowledge of --- "BUT MY PARENTS TOLD ME THERE WAS ONE!!!"

    this is absurd, and was all the proof i need to know that not all infps are on the same page. when i was catholic (as a kid) i was awesome at it. i knew more than anyone else in my family about the way that stupid club worked. now my family thinks i eat babies for din din. someday i just might. just to prove that jesus isn't the only one with tasty fleshies

    if you're an infp, and if you never take your focus off some bullshit lie of a truth, then you might get stuck forever. it is my belief that religion is the most difficult, detrimental, and destructive obstacle of the infp since they are so influenced by their environments. culture is a close second. everyone needs to admit that their enjoyment of ANYTHING has nothing to do with what is RIGHT or WRONG. and that even the concept of right and wrong are based on hierarchically organized preferential outcomes. for example, if you are trying to get the planet to die because it is full of pasty, suffering humanoids, then you are doing a *good* job right now by collecting all those redbull cans on your windowsill. congratulate yourself. me, too. who said that people are innately worthwhile? i think we are. but... it's just an assumption we all kind of... um... should probably make. facism is very close at hand when you start talking about these things. that is why it is important to populate the earth with infps. we know what the fuck is happening here, and we won't let shit go too, too bad (unless we believe it's gonna get better afterwards... SEE WHY INFPS SHOULD STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM RELIGION? IT CAUSES US TO BELIEVE THAT WE HAVE NO RESPONSIBILITIES!)

    if you are a pessimistic infp, it could really fuck up your system to lose sight of whatever it is that has convinced you that *not* stealing and killing is a better choice. i mean, do YOU know why it isn't really a good idea to kill each other? i do. and it is vaguely related to spiritualism, but also to mathematics. keenly probability and statistical analysis. hahaha. (did an INFP just say that? perhaps i am mistyped? oh, wait... that sensation is typically INFP, isn't it?) it's a matter of balance. knowing and disseminating the information that people are just animals is the most simple and most effective way to get people to *act* like animals. and we all know how those buggers are. so stupid that we just have to eat them, really. i mean... haha, what kinda fucking creature allows itself to be bested like we've bested the aminals? the ones that actually know their function in this place. that we call, um, earth. or whatever.

    haha. point being... we should probably let nature absorb more of our populous than we are comfortable with. so don't be afraid of death. you have no basis for your opinions on it's "goodness" or "badness" in terms of your feelings on your personally perceived existence coming to an end (or not). if you did, we'd all know about it. religion sets up boundaries between humans and the rest of the universe. it is so obviously and simpletonianly incorrect. people have no more value to this planet than honeybees. we, like honeybees (alan watts reference), are part of a single organism that needs us to survive in order to continue expanding, but religion seems to urge us to consider that our physical death isn't necessary. and that we should feel that it is a most certainly unpleasant experience, or that it is something for which we will be "paid back" for in "heaven". these are lies. you can feel whatever you like about anything, really. chances are you aren't going to make many "important" decisions based on religion. but some people do. and we often allow ourselves to forget about how fucking destructive these people have been. for some reason we really think that culture has some infallible memory, when in reality, most people can't even clearly remember what time they should check their fucking oven for badly burnt baked goods. did you know that wedding dresses in western culture weren't always "supposed" to be white? hmm. cultural memory is rather shortlived as far as memory goes. people just look around themselves and say, "yup. that's how shit is. always has been. why do anything differently?"

    infps love metaphors. my whole life feels like a novel most of the time. but there is no fucking way that i am going to allow the horridly constructed lies of religion to steal from me the most important realization that i think there is. the endlessly wonderful existence that we all experience is ours to cherish in whatever quantity, intensity, or quality we experience it. it is all motion and it swims in my head like rivers twisting through arid dusty soil. do you know what i mean?

    it comes down to allowing yourself to be imperfect for a moment... and then realizing that that moment was an illusion, and that you are not capable of being imperfect. sound nice? i think so.

    existence is endlessly wonderful.

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    erm, I'm religious (hate hate hate that term though) and I don't feel it conflicts with my personality. Why would it? A lot of the constructs of my faith I have problems with, but the belief itself, and the convictions, no problem.

    "I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
    -Teddy Roosevelt

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    I don't think a personality type would conflict with religious views either, everyone just finds their own way to it, if they do.

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    I was raised in a denomination, then ceased identifying with it and became agnostic for quite a while. Now, you could say I'm highly spiritual in a way that precludes all denominations, or which includes slight portions of all of them with quite a bit hefted on. As to how I arrived at it; well, I sought a piece of it and the rest came flooding in.
    "If you would convince a man that he does wrong, do right. But do not care to convince him. Men will believe what they see. Let them see."

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