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Thread: Ni Activities

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    Interesting re: the types relishing the free form writing. . .

    As an INFJ, I have not really found pleasure or relief from free form writing. I hate reading stream of consciousness books or even my own stream of consciousness. The only times I set my mind to write a stream of consciousness is when I have tons of thoughts/ideas floating around in my mind and I am having trouble knowing where to start with my task, just to get things flowing (like a pre-writing kind of thing). Once that happens, I always end up organizing the products of my mind into an eloquent, powerful, convincing, to the point piece of work (in writing only, cant do that with speech unfortunately). Only THEN do I feel satisfaction, pleasure, and relief.

    My spoken efforts often end up being a stream of consciousness though, to my chagrine and embarrassment.

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    Free form writing is a great suggestion. Just give your Ni one or two things to focus on and watch it make a huge spider web.
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