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    I never forget a face. I know their life history, their friends, their family, where they went to school, what they like to eat, what they do for fun -- I never forget any of it. But remember their name? Never! Actually, I've found myself getting much better at learning names lately -- maybe that's Thinking starting to kick in, finally!

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    I'm like this but only with people I know I'll want to see later. If I met you one time, I may not even remember your name. I remember a face tho and if I see you elsewhere I find it discouraging if I say "hi" and you look at me like I'm a fruitloop. When I do get to know people and they become a fixture in my life I typically put to mind their first and last names, phone numbers, and other info that can be used to stay in contact with those wonderful people .

    Other than that I am very attentive of the way that people either react or don't react to the things I do or say. I find it to be quite arresting at times though and have made it a habit to not "read" the people I have just met. I establish eye-contact for the purposes of proceeding with the dialogue but don't maintain it for long. The exception is perhaps with NFJ's; NFP's and TP's (once I've discovered that they're interested in what I have to say.) I find that this works quite well for me. I'm not sent on the rollercoaster of emotions that can accompany an EXFJ when the convo is too intense.
    "... you think deeply about stuff [that] nobody cares about and hardly anybody can understand you." ~ Peguy talking about Ni users. So true.

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    A few of the ENFJs I know say stuff like, "I remember everything you tell me", but I don't know how true that is. There's definitely things they don't remember, but they don't like it when it happens. They're like, "close enough - I know you so well". I just laugh it off. Although they really do remember some random stuff, like my favorite candy or whatever, and then they'll surprise me with it later.

    I have a great memory for random stuff people say actually, especially if I like someone, but I'm also bad with names. I think Fe people remember stuff about people they aren't even that interested in though. My ESFJ grandma remembers the most mundane details about people's lives, even people who mean little to her. Strangely enough, my ISFJ mom mixes stuff up all the time and remembers it wrong, and it drives me crazy.
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