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Thread: Psychic INFJ's?

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    A case of a Freudian slip... I think alot of INFJs are a bit jealous of INTJs being able to present their visions in clear logical systems and having that Fi independence...or atleast those are things I've been longing for at some point in my life. What is that thing about the grass being greener...

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    Here's one example: I moved away from a place where I had lived for several years. A co-worker from my old place came to visit me in my new place, and she was catching me up on the news of the old workplace, where I had not been for about a year. She said they had a Halloween party, and said one person's costume was a particular success -- she dressed as ... and then the name of the character escaped her, and she sat there with her head down, concentrating, trying to bring the name of this character to mind, and I caught it and said "Oh! Elvira!" and my friend said yes, but also went pale in the face and visibly shuddered. It was quite clear to both of us that I had read her mind. I promise you I am not insane -- I have had bouts of depression, but it's been clinically verified that I am not psychotic. But this happens. If you visualize something strongly, I can sometimes pick it up.

    I agree it's troublesome that this is included in the description because it can draw the crazies, but it's nice for those of us who are not crazy to see some verification of what we experience in the world.

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    Here is a good video for awakening psychic potential.

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