in terms of technology, something is "good" if it works as if by magic. like cars. just get in and turn it on. you don't need to know shit. but if you DO know shit... you can explain to someone why the car broke down after you heard that little rattle. the more you know, the more you can feel about what you know. that might imply, in some small way, that if you don't know someone at all, you won't be able to professor X them. is this accurate for you?

I think, generally speaking, yes, this is true. If I know a ton about someone, it's much easier to have a connection with them in that way. I will say that there are certain types of people and certain situations that I have a deep, instant connection with. There are friends or strangers who are very closed books with whom I've felt very pure emotion coming from, but, it's true, I don't feel the why behind it (though I can often make educated guesses).