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    Pink's evil gives me wings!

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    I have nothing but love and respect for my ENFJ but there are some really outstanding qualities I'd like to note -

    - Highly responsible. His word truly means something and when he says he'll do it...he does.

    - Totally supportive or anything someone shows passion for but able to give that verbal bitchslap when you need it most, without flinching.

    - Opinionated but not overbearing or pushy about it.

    - Driven and determined achievers but he doesn't sacrifice the ones he loves.

    - The best father I have ever seen, period. He's very paternal and that sometimes spills over to the grown ups in the house. I don't complain, it's kind of nice sometimes.

    - Very confident without being too cocky or arrogant.

    - Charming. Oh so very charming. All the business dinners and functions we attend, I've never seen him get exhausted the way I would. People have his full attention when speaking to him. Sometimes I just watch in amazement.

    - Easily the most genuinely loving person I have ever know, male or female. He is the human equivalent of a warm blanket. I know that when I have a rough day all he needs to do is take one look at me. I don't have to talk about it (which is a good thing). He gets my need for alone time without feeling offended or rejected. I don't have to verbalize everything I feel and the times I have no idea what I feel, he knows. He welcomes all my weirdness and loves it.

    - Completely sexy, stays in great shape, very adventurous and physically affectionate. I remain obsessed with the man and it's been almost a decade, with no apologies.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.

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    My ENFJ mum

    - hands down the most involved, empathic, go out of her way for you, vision having, practical, do the legwork to make a dream happen kind of parent I have ever in my life met.

    - extremely intelligent with a sense of humour that is very keen.

    - able to give people the benefit of the doubt, while not being a pushover.

    - genuinely feels other people's pain.

    - gets an incredible amount of work done without ever seeming rushed.

    - extremely hospitable and very able to make people feel welcome and at home. Has lots of company without it ever seeming like overkill. Fresh bread on the table, lots of little touches around the house that make things homey.

    - Lots of drive to get things done - always has several projects is the force in our house that makes sure things get off the to do list.

    - Always looking for ways to make things better for everyone around her.

    - As a parent of me growing up it was uncanny how well she remembered her own thoughts and feelings as a kid. (It felt sometimes like she could see inside my head). She often anticipated my needs or wants and met them before I needed to express them. Good at making us do things because we had a good relationship rather than using force.

    - Looks down the road at what consequences or outcomes will happen from making certain decisions.

    - The glue for our extended family.

    - A reader and lifelong learner.

    - Very sacrificing for other's needs.

    - Able to speak her opinion and stand up for what is right without seeming overbearing and offensive or apologetic.

    - Able to make a home very well and has frequently opened it to others.

    - Good empathizer.

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    Oh my goodness can't we PLEASE have a nice thread about ENFJ's you guys are always harassing us, I mean really...try being kind and encouraging...oh...oh wait...ummm oh...ummmm

    Gee Thanks!
    for my life is slowed up by thought and the need to understand what I am living.

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    Incredibly inspiring and dead sexy.

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    make molehills out of mountains and they just do it!!

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    Woo Hoo! Dirt movers!
    Love is the point.

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    specially in defense of enfj women... well behaved women rarely make history

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    My ENFJ mommy fits all of this so well.

    What I admire in her-

    -Extremely principled, and she sticks to her principles with this earnest innocence.

    -She loved to play with me as a child. She always had time for me, no matter what. This continues with my children- they get her undivided attention.

    -She appreciated me and all of my other siblings for who we are; she never expected us to be anyone other than ourselves.

    - She has never talked down to me. (Although I do disappoint her sometimes because I seem to lack her values and need for upholding the community.)

    - She did amazing things when she was younger- meeting the Kennedys, holding leadership roles one would not expect of an 18 year old, her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

    - She comes alive in front of a microphone when she is in charge (something that fills me with fear and dread is completely natural to her).

    - She is so selfless and so giving, very idealistic

    - She is always humming and busy.

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    -he's an angel
    -he loves his grandma and his mother dearly
    -he's not afraid to cry and share his feelings
    -he only has eyes for me ('other girls are disgusting to him now') hehehe ~_~
    -he would love to take care of me when im sick; would gladly clean up my puke and watch thumbelina with me
    -he is so adventurous
    -he loves everything about me and thinks im perfect
    -he loves my mind and my body
    -he would never make me do something i dont want to do or i was uncomfortable with
    -he is a weirdo like me
    -he likes to be silly and goofy
    -he is a good big brother, he plays with and takes care of his sisters
    -he is real; don't play no games
    -he has a childlike fascination with the world
    -he likes to read and learn
    -he genuinely cares about people
    -he's a writer
    -he is amazed by and adores my art
    -he can calm me when im upset, and i can do the same for him
    -he's such a curious one
    -he's gentle and loving
    -he's not afraid to get rough with me (wrestling!!)
    -he is smart
    -he is very intuitive about people
    -he is afraid of bees
    -he would kill spiders for me
    -his hobby is spending time cuddling with me even though I'm not there
    -he loves cats


    lol this has gone way beyond personality traits
    This will hurt.

    loves her enfj boyfriend

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