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I definitely understand this, unfortunately. You saw both parts of the dynamic. Strongly agree.
Ive been there done that also with being proven wrong. I try to avoid it though by keeping an open mind and by allowing others to try and not say I told you so if they fail, but try to explain my thought process. The more open mind lets me get around that feeling and move on faster. I do have to try though when my dad comes back at me with "I thought I taught you better". I just want to say, "no you didnt teach me any better, try again", but my Fe doesnt allow this.

This is the way I have figured out how to get around that.

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What do you think would happen if the two types took a step back and analyzed the other?
You see your bad qualities, but the analysis doesnt provide any way to fix it, its like a mirror, instead of new insight or a different way to handle problems. This seems to be the biggest problem with conflicting personalities. When this happens to me, I go in circles inside, because it just leads to me doing what they do, back to what I did.