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    Honestly...whether you are in fact an INFJ or INTJ I don't particularly care (and also I tend to think most non-extreme individuals are going to be more of a blending of a couple of different personality types than relating solely to one), but I'll just add a few comments.

    From experience, I have gone through 'phases' of being/feeling much more 'T', in terms of my assessment of myself, and my reactions/opinions/judgments of others. And, when I am cynical/down about life, I can become that much more irritated/cold about people in general.

    Also, many years ago I was in a relationship with an ENFP, and I have to say I felt *extremely* non-F in comparison to him. Personally I think it's an Fi/Fe difference, and with INFJ's the Ti thrown in can really make them detach more. And the 'J' will make them that much more....careful? Restrained? More apt to play the more calm/rational role in a relationship with an extroverted feeler?

    So I don't think your feelings/thoughts about yourself need mean you are an INTJ. I'm not in a position to say you aren't, either, but just a few thoughts.
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    That is interesting. 'Coldness' is my default state of mind and I usually don't have any dilemmas about reverting back into it. The ENFPs evoke the type of passionate emotions that I've never considered on my own, and the less time I spend with them, the more I go back to my original thinking self. So I ultimately feel more flexible, adventurous and enthusiastic around them. Sometimes, they do overload me with their feelings, but I rejuvenate after an hour, or a few hours, in solitude.
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