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Thread: spidey sense

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    wow... a lot more reply's then i expected.
    thanks for all your POV's.. im not trying to make myself out to be some kinda physic or anything, i guess it might be my subconscious putting a million little clues together, i have always thought of it as kind of a "Sherlock Holmes" way of thinking...picking up on tiny clues even when im not trying to. in public, im listening to everything your saying but in the back of my mind im "breaking you down" if that makes sense, that's what makes big crowds tiring.
    i usually keep this kinda stuff inside because most people i know have to be right and have to have a logical explanation for everything, even though ... i don't think everything in life has a logical explanation. as if their saying "what your saying doesn't fit my "mold" of the world therefore your crazy" and that's when i go back into my shell and put the "camouflage" on.
    im not a person of too many words in real life or online until i really get comfortable in this somewhat "public setting" so my posts might not be very long but i appreciate all of your input.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simulatedworld View Post
    There aren't any "signals" that a phone is going to ring or that someone is coming. No one can predict that with any kind of consistency at all; if you think you or anyone else has predicted this in the past, you got lucky, period.

    Listen, getting an intuitive feeling that someone is lying to you is different from getting an intuitive feeling that you're going to win the lottery today.

    One is legitimate and the other isn't. The latter is a delusion.

    You seem unable to accept the possibility that psychic transmission can exist, or that there are areas of knowledge beyond human comprehension at the current time.

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    hasn't every civilization in history thought that they had it all figured out and only during its downfall came to accept that they knew nothing at all..
    we're no different, there was a world before us and there will be one after too..
    remember was common knowledge for hundreds...thousands of years that the world was flat and that we were the center of the universe..

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