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    Maybe laughter is also a way that we repress our sadness/insecurities, in order save face? I cry solemnly when I'm alone when it comes to these things- death of a person/relationship.

    Goin off on tangents here:
    Some cultures view death as a continuation of life.. Although mourning is important, remembering the good times spent with that person is also another way to keep them alive, and a way to wish them happiness in the afterlife.

    I also think that what we see in the media does have a desensitizing effect.. I think the worst thing that can happen to us humans is the effects of media on apathy & how we relate to one another.. The influence of mass communication is so subtle that we don't quite notice it our daily interactions with others.
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    Yea I do actually cry alone.. in fact most negative emotions (On the rare times that I experience them) I almost always have to be alone before I can experience them if that makes any sense. I didn't actually think about this when I originally posted the thread but I actually have a nervous laughter thing, ie on a few occasions when someone close to me has died or received sad news I have burst out laughing but ti's different to actually finding the event funny if you know what I mean. i think that's what I'm trying to get at really; how much of these jokes at death actually people nervously trying to deal with pain and how much of it is people actually seeing the funny side and being almost insensitive to the loss.

    I do agree that spiritual beliefs have a huge impact on how you view death. In fact many can lok at death as just a new and exciting chapter of life.

    I agree with the whole media thing. I think mass media is perhaps the biggest influence on our culture and even our psychology today.
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