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    Also, INFPs often hold high expectations for themselves. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing, it is often a motivator. It is the mind not having an answer to a problem and struggling to find it. INFPs will often get focused on a problem and not feel resolved until they can figure it out. Once they figure that problem out, they will raise the bar on themselves, and the whole thing repeats. So "being down" can also be viewed as "having goals". Many times these goals are achieved, so I don't think it's an entirely fruitless exercise, and often others benefit as well.

    The opposite can happen as well. INFPs can get down because of the lack of goals.

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    being funny.
    you can't laugh and be sad at the same time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    Primarily to vent so as to cleanse your head & move on and to get much-needed emotional support. Showing confidence in an INFP helps them to forge ahead, because sometimes that's all that's really holding them back much of the time. They know what they need to do, but they need to feel they CAN do it themselves.

    We also like to discuss to clarify our own thoughts (external questions help you sort things out), to get help in choosing between several conclusions we've come to, to get confirmation of a solution, or perhaps help to see why something is not a good solution.

    As Saxman pointed out, when you've heard the whole story and gotten all the clarification from the INFP to fully understand where their head is at, you'll likely see that the quick-fix solution has already been considered. It doesn't mean you cannot provide additional insight, but people are often too quick to chime in with the obvious and that's just condescending. We NEED the well thought-out insight to fill in the little gaps we've missed. It's the subtleties we're grasping for, because we see the big picture easily.

    For me, when I want advice, I usually ask for it directly, so it's easy for people to know if I am venting or want a solution.
    I think my recent teaching physics thread is an excellent example of this dynamic at play

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