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    I feel like most things are not as big a deal as they seemed in the 20s. Although I'm barely in 30s, so I don't know if that counts as enough experience in this decade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott N Denver View Post
    I remember when I was in mid 20's and TAing and had "non-traditional" students, and I'd ask them and I think I always got answers like "you become more jaded, bitter, and cynical." I'm hoping NF's have more positives to add to the list than just that comment I kept hearing from my in their 30's or 40's students...
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    Well, I spent my entire 20's working a corporate job in a fortune 500 company in suburbia and I'm glad I got that phase over with. Now I'm focusing on important stuff, like how strange I can be and still be human. It's a difficult thing, but I find that I have a lot more focus and resources at my disposal in my 30's.

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