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    Quote Originally Posted by Nyx View Post
    I saw this thread over on the NT private forum and I'm really curious to see this from an NFs perspective...
    I don't think this thread has been created before. I looked but didn't find anything.


    Being an NF I hate all other types. Just kidding. I try and appreciate people for who they are. Being an N dominant type, I do sometimes find I have a connection with other N users, but I try not to discriminate, and try to appreciate people for who they are. Unless they happen to be an asshole, or arrogant, etc. In which case I promptly tell them! Gotta keep an open mind after all, right?

    Edit: Sorry, should have put this in my previous post in this thread, oh well, it makes the thread look more popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Grand Chameleon View Post
    With all the humor that festers within,

    INTP: Warm on the outside, cold on the inside.
    INTJ: Cold on the outside, cold on the inside.
    INFJ: Cold on the outside, warm on the inside.
    INFP: Warm on the outside, warm on the inside.
    that was great ...

    SJ - Secure
    SP - Superficial
    NT - Smart

    INTJ - Like me, but without the inhibitions and slightly colder

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    ISTJ: Dependable, sweet, love being your 'hero', cute when they're completely baffled by what you're on about. Sometimes a bit unimaginative, but at times will surprise you.

    ESTJ: The one I know is very to the point, dutiful, natural leader, kind, instantly willing to help you out with things at work etc. Can be abrasive, but not intentionally. It's just about getting things done

    ISFJ: Incredibly nurturing, have no greater joy in life than helping out others, don't complain easily despite hardship and are considerate of everyone. Can get gossipy or resentful though at times.

    ESFJ: Great organizers and group people. Effortlessly keep an eye on everything to make everything as accomodating as possible for everyone involved. The devil is in the details, and they rule at that, which is impressive to say the least. On occasion too overbearing and mothering, which makes them seem condescending.

    ISTP: Brooding, intelligent, impatient and blunt. I love 'em. Nothing they fear, nothing they cannot do, often more than willing to help out someone who doesn't have their toughness and ask so little in return. Now if only I could collar them, so they wouldn't constantly disappear on me! Hot and cold at the same time, often incredibly hard to follow emotionally because of that and getting them to rant (so you can figure them out) is a frigging art

    ESTP: Gregarious, outgoing, alpha and slick. Larger than life and party animals to say the least. Hard to say no to, but oh so important to consider that 'no' since they love pushing people to the limit. Can be very sweet and helpful aswell though, especially if they respect you.

    ISFP: Stubborn, idealistic, sensitive and warm all in one. I often have trouble seeing where their stubbornness comes from. But once I do, there is no problem. Very concrete and practical on things that do not interfere with their ideals. Was pleasantly surprised by that.

    ESFP: Charming, naughty, giddy and giggly. Yet sensitive, incredibly sweet and often non-judgemental as long as their mood isn't dragged down. Can become impatient with serious topics, especially those linked to bad emotions.

    INTJ: ahh...yeah
    Analytical, practical, insightful, intelligent and determined. Absolutely *love* this about them. There's nothing quite like an INTJ figuring out how to get his way, especially if they get frustrated at inefficiency and other obstacles along the road
    And then when facing people...often shy, introverted, unnerved and not sure how to react. So cute! Until their knowledge and experience is needed/ recognized. Then they shine...
    Can be pedantic however, and take themselves sometimes too seriously. Nothing a good tickle session cannot solve

    ENTJ: Blunt, to the point, steamroller and getting things done. When safely standing on the sidelines, it's quite a sight to behold
    Just like their introverted siblings they're at their best and most charismatic when doing what they do best: reaching goals. Has that same disdain for inefficiency and especially delay or obstacles on the road (especially 'unnecessary obstacles), perhaps even more so, which is just utterly amusing.
    Can be remarkable warm and considerate with people one moment and the next so blunt you feel punched in the stomach. You also instantly know what they want from you. Also realize that you're human. That means you rank under work and food on their priority list. And when they do focus on you, you had better be concise and to the point, especially if you're an obstacle in their mission. Keeping their attention (in a good way) can be quite a challenge.

    INTP: Needs repeated prodding before you get a reaction (unless they're in a silly mood). Reactions range from silly to dry to cold to volcano-like. Always entertaining to see what it will be this time. Incredibly smart, highly abstract, great at refining ideas and building on them. Great fun if you can get them ranting. Sometimes jaded and cynical to the point where they lash out at everyone around them.

    ENTP: Random, unpredictable, funny and crazy. Love tossing out the craziest ideas and exploring them in all different kinds of directions. Despite being attracted to people, very independent and self-reliant. Sometimes have trouble understanding that others aren't that way. Can however be incredibly sweet, trustworthy and reliable for those few they hold dear and respect. Can sometimes push buttons and hound them without realising the damage it does.

    INFJ: Great listeners, can be very wise, warm en caring. Often also good at organizing things behind the scenes. Can be a bit high and mighty because of the standard they hold everyone, including themselves to.

    ENFJ: Admire how they have the energy to steer a group like that. Able to keep track of everyone's wishes and working towards a better situation for everyone. Awesome at keeping a group together. Sometimes spread themselves too thinly, resulting in them resenting the perceived ingratitude of others for what they do.

    INFP: Caring, idealisitc, understanding and able to see other peoples points of view. Withdrawn mostly into their own world, prefers to stay in the background.
    Unique in their views, creators of fantasy worlds which are inspirational to reality. Can be highly impractical, sullen and judgemental, often the result of being disappointed with the way reality works.

    ENFP: Great mediators, big bouncing balls of energy jumping through the room. Love people, understanding where they come from and are usually annoyingly optimistic
    Inspirational, lead by example yet seemingly naive and somehow it works for them. Can be flaky, wishy washy, in need of constant reassurance and unable to handle reality which doesn't live up to their ideal views. Can cause temporary desillusionment with the world and withdrawl for a while from said world.

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    NTs - May think I'm crazy, but generally accepting of the fact.
    SJs - Just think I'm crazy
    SPs - Think I'm crazy and are generally fun even if they don't get half of what I'm saying.
    NFs - We're all mad here! *cheers*
    I am an ENFP but I value justice over mercy.

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    Every one of them has a place and couldn't do without them. However there's one ENFP I know who can drive me up the wall - but she's also my mother.

    NTs seem highly qualified for LTR, though having learned more about MBTI I truly believe any relationship could work typewise with enough maturity and communication. ---I do have a particular soft spot for NTs... and it's nice if they're a bit more extraverted than me, too, but that's not difficult.

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    genuine thoughts:

    ENFPs are awesome
    ENFJs make great friends to everyone, smart, funny, down to earth welcoming, everyone loves them
    INFJs - the soulmates of ENFPs, the best friends
    INFPs - had a bad experience with one, saw him as just clingy and very obsessed and manipulative at times
    ESFPs - ENFPs more impulsive less abstract twin, hard to keep up with but amazing fun
    other SPs - creative in a very phyical sense
    ESFJs - friendly very caring super pragmatic and realistic, can be controlling impatient
    ESTJs - bullies and hard to get along with - they do have their genuinely good moments though
    other SJ - know little about them
    NTs - i heart NTs
    ENTPs - the sharper more objective blunter ENFPs, best friends with each other as far as types go
    INTPs - genuises, always trying to self improve and get better, make for fascinating debates and great friends, relationships especially
    INTJs - work soooo well with ENFPs when they let you in, intriguing, smart, blunt probably the most intelligent of all the types if there is such a thing
    ENTJs - genuises too but arrogant and blunt, and controlling but when you get on its worth it
    If there is anyone who is in the sun would you help me to understand? 'Cause I've been caught in between, all you wish for and all you mean. Oh now maybe you're not even sure, what it's for anymore than me...

    -Joseph Arthur, In The Sun

    If I find my way, how much will I find?

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    I dont like ET's at very often, many times they seem so insensitive. T's in general not so much I don't really like so much but not always. The over confident ET's make really angry at times.

    I like NF's generally, and close friends are INFJs (sadly i dont have any)

    The Mind is in essence our soul.

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