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    ...Maybe you should ask the last guy who crossed me.

    On a serious note, I prefer a conflict-free environment like most everyone else. However, I will not shy away from conflict if someone brings it to me. I figure the only way to stop it is to face it head on. I'm more of a verbal assassin, but I have gotten physical in the past (and every time made the person very sorry to have met me...). Injustice done to me or close friends/family causes so much rage to build up that can only be quelled by doing something about it. I turn into a different person when extremely angered, so it's probably a good thing I don't reach this state very often.

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    Generally, it happened when I was in an irrational state of mind because I was freaked and trying to leave the room, but they were in my way. Or I was extremely tired and they were refusing to leave (after the time they said they would) so I could sleep... after repeated requests that they do so. So for me, it was generally a blind panic, dehydration/heat, or fatigue that caused the fight.
    Reading that reminded me of times I've swung a punch when I was in a really competitive state of mind. Each time I withdraw away from people and try and settle my nerves.
    'Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.' - Marilyn Monroe

    This is who I am, escapist, paradise-seeker.

    Anthropology Major out of Hamline University. St. Paul, Minnesota.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyward View Post
    Violence in movies are fine as long as they aren't freakish gorey bouts. Fights that leave the fighters in one piece, or Star Wars fights where no wounds bleed are more exciting than off-putting. But even then, some fight situations in movies just get me revved up enough that I need to get away from it to cool down before going back.

    I can handle almost anything in videogames.

    I only mind gory violence insofar as it's all too often completely unnecessary. And it usually happens in sword fights and horror movies. Both of which waste too much time on it.

    Personally, if some bastard challenges me to a bloody-gory sword fight, and I have a gun...

    [YOUTUBE=""]...this happens.[/YOUTUBE]

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