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If you want to find some people to hang out with you're obviously looking in the wrong places. Join a club that is based around an interest of yours or talk to some people in your classes and find some common ground. It's all about finding something to talk about really... if you just throw yourself into a random social group filled with people who's vibes you dislike then nothing will happen. But like I said, just find some common ground.

Honestly I've just started college and all I have to do is start talking to people about the classes that they have, what their schedule is like, what their professors are like, what they are majoring in and why, what they do in their spare time etc. In my classes I'd find the guy or girl who looked like someone I'd want to talk to and be like "what's up?", and the conversations started from there.
I do this a lot, and I'm a great topic starter, very resourceful and whatnot, the problem isn't that I can't find things to talk about, it's just that it's tiring, it takes a lot out of me.